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Gay Man Gets Jehovah's Witnesses To Leave Him Alone: 'I Have A Husband'

Anyone with a front door has probably encountered a Jehovah's Witness at some point. Though most presumably stop by with the best of intentions (spreading the word of God, etc.), more often than not it's an inconvenience that requires you to step away from The Wendy Williams Show

Meaning it must stop. 

Well one gay man just provided a sure-fire way to minimize these interactions:

Just tell them you have a husband. Watch!

Polite and to the point--and everyone gets to go about their day.

Plus, we have a feeling this house might be added to the "Do Not Return" list. Everybody wins!


Image Source (H/T: Gawker)


She's from the Korean congregation. She's looking for Korean-speaking people to preach to.

I think the reason she thought I had a Korean wife is because my husbands last name is Lee.  Thanks for posting 

Next time a Jehovah's Witness comes to anyone's door - have this printout ready - that defutes all their doctrines.  Is it rude?  Not one bit.  They separate families and shun people - and tell the family members not to contact any of their family - that actually have left the "organization".    Here is the handy-dandy flyer to leave by your door.  They are one-sided - and THAT is rude.  Telling the world - that if you leave their organization - you are doomed - and "mentally diseased", yes- hate speech is actually a form of terrorism.  When you go through life as a child - believing that the end will come tomorrow - it robs you of your childhood, and you do not trust life.  You need to shun these people - or give them one of these pamphlets that prove - they are not God's true organization - at all.  You can also ask them why the organization has a database of 23,000 pedofiles that they have harbored in safety - and did not persecute them.  The poor victims - never even got the justice they so deserved.

I would have asked them in. My father always would and he would hear what they had to say. After they were done he would pull out his bible and tell them it was their turn to listen. I'm not overly religious but I have pulled the same trick.

Pretty sure they were at the wrong address...

My best friend invites them in for tea and introduces them to his partner.  Now they always make it a point to stop by and say hi whenever they're in the neighborhood.  Totally smh!

Why would they ask 'who is your family' and 'your wife is Korean'? Maybe they were at the wrong address?

My question to this is why?  We have people that come around in our neighborhood that come to the door and ask if I speak Spanish.  In this video the woman asks if the wife is Korean.  They miss out on so much by segregating themselves in this manner.

Although I LOVE the mans response!  I'll have to remember this the next time they come to my door.

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