Gay Man Stoned In The Street By Homophobic Gang

Photo: Tony Webster (Wikimedia) 

A young gay man has been the victim of a vicious homophobic "intimidation campaign" that has spanned over the last three years. 

Most recently, the 25-year-old man was brutally pelted with stones, just outside of his home in Belfast, Ireland.

His mother, Paula Devine, tells Belfast Live that she fears for her son's life. 

“It’s got to the stage now where I’m afraid they’re actually going to kill him.

“It started with slurs about six months after he moved in, the name calling, it’s all homophobic abuse, once they found out he was gay that was it.

“He was seen as an easy target and it’s just snowballed from then. It’s all them wee hoods, you see the ones that are joyriding about the streets and they come from everywhere they’re not even half from the area.

“The windows have been put in at least five times in the last three years, he’s been in the house a few times when it’s happened. They got into it and spray painted that graffiti all over the front door a few months ago.”

Paula’s son was out walking his dog when the homophobic gang began hurling stones at him.

Seeking refuge, he attempted to return to his mother’s house, who then offered him a ride home. 

And that's when the gang began throwing stones at the vehicle.

Said Paula: 

“We’ve loads and loads of police reports, and they’ve given plenty of referrals but unless they catch them there’s nothing they can do and we don’t know who they and even if we did know who they are you couldn’t even name them, they would kill you.”

Police have reportedly made little progress in apprehending the attackers.

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