Gay Man Talks Losing Both Of His Testicles To Cancer

Did you know that April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month?

Even if you did, you might want to watch this new video in which a gay man bravely shares his struggle with the disease.

Peter, who hails from Toronto, was 26-years-old when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. 

Following his diagnosis, he had one testicle removed, underwent chemotherapy, and saw his weight plummet from 196 lbs to 140 lbs.

While he was fighting cancer, Peter's family was still coming to terms with his sexuality, so his support system was not as strong as it could have been.

It wasn't until he'd already undergone six months of treatment that his brother and father came to visit.

At that point they were forced to come to terms with that fact that their loved one was wasting away from the disease.

Initially, tests indicated that the treatment had been successful. 

Nevertheless, the cancer did return, and Peter was forced to remove his second testicle. 

Thankfully, Peter is now cancer free. 

Peter (right), and his partner fiancé Adolfo.

He does however go in for regular doctors visits to monitor the disease, in the event it should attack another part of his body.

Because he lost both of his testicles, Peter has to inject himself with testosterone each night, as a party of a hormone replacement therapy. 

"I could say my experience of testicular cancer has been unique because I don’t meet many other testicular cancer survivors who have both removed. Sometimes it’s like I run into another unicorn and we go into this in-depth conversation, 'Oh, this is what you went through!'"

This clip has been excerpted from a documentary entitled, Balls. 

Director Nico Stagias says he made the film in hopes that he'd inspire men to start an essential conversation about their help.

"Men tend to shy away from discussion about their balls, especially if they are experiencing medical issues like cancer, torsion or varicocele. Because men are so guarded about their balls, they often dismiss potential testicular ailments and only address the situation when it becomes critical; when it’s too late."

H/T: Gay Star News



I hope he was able to get Prosthetics so he doesn't have to explain himself to everyone he meets

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