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Gay Marriage Proposal With Help Of Flash Mob At Burning Man


Love is a central theme of each year's Burning Man, and couple Derek and Robert personify that. Having met at Burning Man in 2012, the couple returned to the event this year, with Derek planning to pop the question (with some help from a post-apocalyptic flash mob). 

After exchanging information at an impromptu gay lounge, the pair had tried to reconnect a few unsuccessful times at the 2012 event. 

“The last timeslot I left open to come see me was at the GlamCocks sunset party," Derek said. "I headed over there after hanging with a friend, and he jumps out of nowhere, wearing tight red pants, a red cape, Christmas lights as a belt, and glow-in-the-dark body paint. Everything was history from there. We spent the week courting each other, falling in love, dating on the playa, and on the night of the man burning, he says ‘I think I’ve fallen in love with you this week,’ and I immediately agreed.”

When the couple returned to the scene of the birth of their relationship earlier this month, this is what happened:



(Via SameSame)



So happy for you both, FANTASTIC FOOTAGE OF A SPECTACULAR MOMENT!!!!! Made me realize that this can happen for me too and any other gay man, gay woman, or transgender. Made me cry.....................

I am so Happy for the both of you. This brought a tear to my eyes...I quess I never had the opportunity. Since I lost my guy 10 years ago. I've never be the same. So Congratulations on this most Funtastic day, may you be blessed with many happy years........Love does grow like a rampant FIRE!  XO

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