Gay Men Called "Faggots" By NYPD During Brutal Arrest

Three gay men are accusing the NYPD of police brutality and homophobia after a scuffle in Brooklyn saw police officers pepper spraying someone already detained in handcuffs and calling the men "faggots." 

It started when an officer accused Josh Williams of public urination before reportedly throwing him into a police cars. Josh's friends, Ben Collins and Antonio Maenza, filmed the incident while exchanging expletives with the attacking officers. 

At one point, an officer referred to the three as "faggots," which prompted a verbal retaliation from one of the men, who said,  "What the fuck did you say, you want to call me a faggot, you fat pig…go eat a fucking cock, nigger."

As Williams was taken to custody in an ambulance to be treated for wound sustained at the hands of the police officers, one of the NYPD members allegedly laughed, saying, "We better not tell him where the soap is." Williams was held overnight on charges of resisting arrest. 

"This case is so extreme in how the encounter escalated so fast over something so silly and turned so violent," said Cynthia Conti-Cook, Williams' lawyer. "Based on how the incident started, there’s very little to justify such extreme action other than homophobia."

Here's video Maenza managed to capture of the incident:



 It really bugs me how so many iPhone owners miss the fact that the iPhone's video resolution is WIDESCREEN, and is meant to be filmed holding the phone horizontally rather than vertically. Or Or maybe they just like advertising that they have an iPhone by filming vertically. -shrug-

 BTW homophobic cops don't surprise me. What surprises me is about much anti gay hate crime has been reported in NY since marriage equality was brought to the state. Fire them and hire new cops, I say. No place for homophobes in a position that is supposed to protect the gay minority as well as everyone else. There should be a zero tolerance for hate and discrimination in the police force.

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