Gay Men Receive Restaurant Bill That Reads: "I Warn You They're Faggots"

A jubilant dinner shared between four Italian gay friends suddenly turned sour when their waiter handed them a receipt featuring glaring anti-gay slurs. "Mi raccomando so ricchioni" -- which roughly translates into -- "I warn you there are faggots" was written clear as day on the table's receipt. 

"Initially, we did not believe our eyes," one of the customers told "We went to the owner of the restaurant to ask for an explanation. He was speechless and apologized on behalf of the waiter. The next day he contacted us to apologize again and to say that the waiter had been dismissed. But we will not be back in that place again."

If the restaurant's manager had been speechless and apologetic and the waiter responsible for such a gaffe was pink slipped, would you follow these guys' lead and also never step foot in said restaurant again? 

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I think the waitress, manager or whoever responsible needs to know more about operation coaching. An Operation refers to the “People” side of the food service business. "Customer Relations" is very important in a successful business.

Why did the waiter see fit to write that in the first place? it was a message from the FOH to the BOH to alter the food, plain and simple! There is clearly a culture of bigotry towards gays there, I would not return!

No, I would not want to be known as "those guys"

Ever hear of the applebees incident? The bartender named the check (FAT CHICKS) they sued and received a gracious settlement through court. This is stepping in a far worse direction coming from someone who has been an employee and employer in the restaurant business for over 20 years

Ever hear of the applebees incident? Bartender named the check (FAT CHICKS) in the end they sued and received a gracious settlement in court.

As a restaurant manager myself, a sincere apology and taking disciplinary action against the member of staff is the only way to deal with this. The only additional action I'd have taken is an offer of a complimentary meal by way of apology and as an encouragement to return. I'd go back definitely

As a gay man, a customer, a human being...I ask you this...are you good sir a gay man? Simple question...

The till at the establishment must have a button on the till I enable the staff to put this remark on the receipt 

Excuse my grammar on that comment

Bullshit the manager is in on it from the head to the body that's the common attitude at that place or such a thing would have never happpened. We have serious enemies and one should never ever let the Guard down.

I would go back because the owner/manager: was not just apologetic in the moment, but followed up on the matter: It wouldn't matter to me if the waiter was still there...the best revenge is to have your enemies see you happy...and have them wait on you;)

i would have go back to the place. no hard feelings with the owner. but if the waiter was still there: boycott!

It was in Italy, were men hate gays but loveeee speedoosss!!

The presence of such hatred is another stark reminder of how deeply this country continues to be steeped in discrimination. There have been too many reminders lately. The owner of the restaurant in Hollywood (a gay mecca where we hang out, shop and dine) should mandate, as part of being hired, to undergo sensitivity and tolerance training from the very moment each employee is hired.

It didn't happen in "this country". We don't have a discrimination problem, we clearly have a literacy problem. 

Obviously you are uneducated. Where is your proof that discrimination doesn't happen? You must live under a rock and love the greed of ignorance.

Since when do we NOT have a discrimination problem?

lol they should have written back "i warn you they are idiots"i guess thy r trying to send that recipe to someone....they too dumb to send it correctly....idiots

I worked as a waiter for years. A copy of that receipt went to the kitchen as the table's food order. Something was probably put in or done to their food as a reaction to the waiter's anti-gay hatred. I would NOT return and, I would report the restaurant to every agency and association involved in the industry!

Businesses shouldn't be penalized for employee actions, provided those actions were not representative of the business itself, and the offending employee properly dealt with post-incident. So yes, I would go back, and I would bring friends to patronize the business as a thank you to the restaurant for not accepting intolerant behavior.

Absolutely! As a way of thanking the Manager for defending my dignity I'd return!

Of course it's Italy, and I would check to see whether that waiter was still there, and the manager was just being accommodating.
Often, they're all related

I would ask the owner for a free dinner and invite all my "faggot friends" also, make sure the waiter is there to serve us. Oh, the fun that could be had. 

A restaurant call L Woods and Lincolnwood. One day last year me and my partner at the time.  Now my spouse. We asked that are left overs be boxed and bagged. When we got home we had a extra box in the bag. The box consist of two uncooked potatoes and a cucumber arranged in the box as two balls and a penis

I would definitely go back. The manager did everything right.

I would return and bring the owner a bottle of wine, then I'd invite all of my friends to come with me!!

I would definitely go back. Though the waiter may be an a**hole, the management made it right. 

I would return, I can see that the manager acted quickly to solve this issue and you can see that by his actions, he does not condone such disrespect towards his guests and neither does the restaurant condone this waiter's actions.  

So what, I am tired of these 'fag' receipt stories. 

And they are tired of you too.

you might just be an attention whore, but I'll give in. your a fluckin piece of shiit too.

Don't read them then you useless negroid

Did you actually call someone a "Negroid"?  Are you really that ignorant? Anything you might have to say is now irrelevant...

Something similar happened lately in Quebec city. A couple of gay guys which were with other friends kissed each other and the doorman said to them «On veut pas de ça icitte» which means «We don't want any of this here». The doorman told them to get out. The article says that a friend of the couple intervene and critizised the doorman and the latter violently grabbed the friend and pulled him on the floor. No complaints to the police. The owner of the place presented excuses to the couple and offered them a bottle of wine. I think the doorman has been fired. 

See the article there:

With that apology, yes, I would go back. One person's opinion is not necessarily everyone else's. If he was let go due to it, his behavior & actions were not condoned. Good for the owner! Good man!

I would go back. The manager fired the guy, and apologized. What more could he have done. 

I can understand why the group felt they would never go back even after the response and actions from the manager. But some people are a little more sensitive then others. I personally would have appreciated the managers actions and would have ventured back for another round. 

i would def go back if the manager handled the situation in which he claims he did....he did the right thing....theres no excuse for behavior such as this

If the owner went to that length and apologised then I would go back if the restaurant was worth while.

I would go back! But the manager should made every employee take a course in tolerance and homophobia so they will know what is unacceptable to  make sure it does not happen again!

The manager handled it properly and seems to be honestly remorseful.  The store should not be punished for that one waiter's actions.

Since the manager too immediate steps to correct the issue, I would patronize the restaurant again.

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