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Gay Mobile App, MISTER, Gets A Re-Launch And A Re-Tool! (Video)

The MISTER mobile app has gotten a re-launch AND a makeover, y'all--and it's pretty damn fancy!

The app, which launched in Dec. 2011, has over a million users.

According to a statement from MISTER (and possibly confirmed by a personal perusal of the site):

"MISTER has added new features, including one called Mr. Right, that will help men find the right connections more quickly and efficiently so that they can spend less time searching through profiles and more time actually meeting one another and enjoying their lives. In tandem with the app launch, the company kicked off the community-focused “I Am MISTER” movement (#iamMISTER), which encourages men to be themselves, use their app with pride, and work to build stronger, better and more respectful relationships."

What you might find most interesting is that the new MISTER is intuitive. The more you use it (and interact with users), the more it gets a sense of what kind of traits you like in men and then can bring similar nearby men to your attention. Consider it your mobile wing man!

Maybe you generally gear towards tall dudes in their 40's? MISTER will line 'em up for you. 

One other way that MISTER is setting itself apart is the aforementioned "I Am MISTER" movement. 

The movement "asks users to behave differently in their interactions both on the app and offline and to be proud to be MISTER men. They’re encouraged to show their faces, be authentic, and opt in to the MISTER Code, an agreement urging users to treat one another with respect and honesty."

Oooh...respect and honesty on a gay dating app? Our smartphones may implode. 

MISTER is available for iOS and Android and on the Web. To download MISTER or to learn more, visit

Will you be checking out MISTER, Instincters?