Gay Olympian Blake Skjellerup Pledges To Wear Rainbow Pin To Winter Games In Sochi, Russia

Despite the heinous anti-gay law that will see anyone being proud or openly gay in Russian public (especially when minors are around) jailed and fined, Olympic speed skater Blake Skjellerup plans to remain strong while he's in the country for the Sochi Winter Games in early 2014

Canada's Xtra reports:

“For me it’s less about taking a stand and more about just being myself,” he says. “I have no interest in going back into the closet in Sochi . . . This is not about defiance. This is me standing up for what I believe in.”
Skjellerup, who came out just after placing 16th in short-track speed skating in Vancouver and is currently training in Calgary, says he wants to be a role model. He encourages other athletes to follow his lead by wearing a rainbow pin.
“The Olympics are all about diversity and a celebration of humanity, and sexuality is included in that, so I will not be hiding that,” he says. “Russia will be very focused on putting on a very good show and painting Russia in a positive light.”