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Gay-For-Pay Site 'Broke Straight Boys' Introduces New Reality Series (Trailer)

​You may or may not be familiar with long running gay-for-pay porn site Broke Straight Boys--if not, that's a rabbit hole we'll allow you to explore on your own--but if you're interested in what's going on in the hearts, minds, and psyches of these performers, you're in luck!

Broke Straight Boys is introducing its own reality show!

As explained by Broke Straight Boys TV:

Prepare yourself for one of the most unique series ever made for television. Its polarizing content and its visceral effect on viewers is undeniable. Without apology, this series provides an uncensored look into the lives of people who make porn... and more specifically, straight men who do gay porn and the multi-million dollar company that provides the platform. 
Though no explicit porn is shown in the series, the mere suggestion of what they do and the insight into their chosen profession makes Broke Straight Boys a true character study, bringing the viewer into a world they may not have known existed and will surely never forget.

Take a look at the trailer! (It's safe for work.)

Intrigued by this character study, Instincters? 


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Gay whores will go straight to hell were demons and the beasts will perpetually shove their horns and fangs up these faggotts asses for ETERNITY!! With such pain and blood they will wonder how they are still alive.

Yeah, that's why people like you troll on GAY websites, beat off, and then post your crap to make your self-loathing self feel better. Bye.

why on Earth does NO ONE ever think of bisexuality? "They're straight/ no they're gay" HELLO? Most people are bi to some degree or another. Look up Dr. Kinsey and Lasters and Johnson's as yet unimpeached work.

I don't understand why you have to hate on them for paying their bills if you don't like they whole gay for pay thing don't buy it if they are gay they are just merely acting to be straight and I can't speak for everyone in the last community but I know as an open gay man now I wasn't before unless they are sleeping with you its not really any of your business on who they are in their personal life hell their life is none of your business period the movies they make and what not are FAKE and for pleasure only so like I said if you don't like don't watch it plain and simple have a wonderful day

That's supposed to be lgbt community lol sorry stupid autocorrect

I know for a fact that the guy on the left is gay. He has a bf and lives down the street from me.

Ohh welll the beat thing is the action dont we all would like to stick a cucumber to some straight guys hahaha hot but this bs about am not gay hut I suck dick and get penetrantes by guys for the money ..hahaha plzzz you are not gay in public but behind door you

Marketing ploy to the max.. and from the looks of things its worked out fucking awesome.. they are no more straight than my bent big toe for fuck sake what straight man would take a cock willingly on camera..let's think.. none.. there gay porn actors..ammeture but still gay... some of you guys need to get a grip and smell the BS... makes for good watching though.. gets me horny ;)

I do casting for porn sites and let me tell you, when a guy has to pay his last dollar to get out of jail and is broke, or he has no cash, the offer of jacking off for $1500 bucks and it only lasts an hour sounds pretty good. Once he does a solo and gets addicted to the fast cash you can get him to do anything. They're real str8 guys, but most of them are in trouble, in debt, drug addicts, or just plain country boys who need large amounts of cash and fast. One of my clients paid for medical school by doing porn. Guess what? Dude has no student loans to pay back. Money is evil and can get anybody to do anything with the right persuasion. 

Money has no will, therefor it cannot be evil. 

As gay men we gotta stop this. As a gay men, if I chose to have sex with a girl for money, that does not mean I am straight. Period. Most of the guys go on this site because they have money problems and need major money quick. They can make a couple grand in a weekend and support themselves or their families for a month or two. The money they make is stupendous (especially from the bigger sites like,, and And so what if they thought they were straight and ended up gay when they started having sex with men.

What I want to see is the whole process they go through from deciding to do porn (and gay porn at that), how they handle it, how their families deal with it, and why in the hell are these sites making so much money that they can afford multimillion dollar mansions. Somebody is paying for this and that's also interesting. What kind of guy pays money each money to fufill his straight fantasies.

Tyra did a piece on her show a few years ago about Gay for Pay and it's one of the most watched clips on YouTube.

First! you cant pay a straight men to have gay sex. Secondly! You can only rape a straight man. Thirdly! You are a mindless zombie if you actually beleive these guys are straight. Its all about marketing. These guys are just regular gay dudes.

I agree! These guys deserve to succumb to AIDS and die miserably from it, as this is nothing less than a whore deserves. Anyone who sells their body is less than nothing.

Wow Dude. Off the mark big time. I am sending healing thoughts your way in hopes you will be able to find some peace in your life and help be a cause of it in others. Your anger is on full display and leading your life. May you find some peace and be able to quell your hatred. 


Lol I'll still have more money in my pocket then you'll ever have in your entire life. PERIOD:)

Waste of airtime and a waste of good production value.

These boys are gay. End of story. You talk gay, look gay and have "gay face" 

get a life "broke str8 boys"


Gay sex is pretty fabulous!  If some guy prefers the puss, but can perform Gay sex well, why put him down?

More common in fucked up American sex has been Gay guys choosing to marry a woman, particularly after  they hit 30,  or if they live in the South or are mormon, etc.

We are not part of the decision. Many gay men marry because of societal pressure, desire to bear children, age, religion, cultural expectations, and even location. NOTE: Each of these are legitimate reasons for hetero men to marry also.

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Actually, you're the fool, Bob K.

You are probably one of those old gay males that want to get off at any cost of anyone. It's guys like you that made me stop moderating discussions about gay porn if I know the audience is going to be full of older guys. Because old gays get so desperate to get off that they forget how in their youth, they were looking for a sign to say that it was ok to be TRUE to their sexuality. "Gay-for-pay" porn actors are no such kind.  They are in blatant denial. And THAT is why they should be put down.

And don't give me that all-too-common "reasoning" of how porn is a fantasy. Every porn director from the head of BrokeStraightBoys, as well as SeanCody, Corbin Fisher, Michael Lucas, Chi Chi LaRue, Chris Steele of Jet Set Men are culprits of pulling this hypocrisy out of their greedy butts. But are quick to hold porn companies accountable for influencing the gay males with things they can't turn a profit from. When the fact is that it may be a fantasy, but only to a point. For the sex that happens is not the shabby spit lube Heath Ledger did to pretend to boink Jake Gylenhaal in "Brokeback Mountain". There are REAL bodies and mindsets to take into account in porn. And the refusal to acknowledge that is one of the main reasons why I left the industry.

my philo is this:
there is no hetero, there is no homo, there is no bi. there is only sexuality.

Kudos...i am one of those men who believe that it is possible to be bisexual. Just like I believe it is possible to have a loving relationship with more than one single individual. ..i have seen triplets, trylets, & let's got go for it and have it be successful. I am also aware that those are the lesser realities. If he wants to bi it and show it for cash; thankfully we live in a country that allows me to see it.

you are totally right!!!

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Sure, we can lust for "gay-for-pay" porn actors. But the fact that they use money as an excuse to show their obvious homosexuality makes them unlovable creatures.

And it's sad how many now straight male porn actors started out as gay porn actors who obviously loved every second of being sexual with a male. Jeremy Bilding, Kevin Crows, and Spencer Jones, (now known as Ryan Driller, William Corazon, and Richie Black) just to name a few.

I always loved broke straight boys. To bad i never could afford to look at the site but im glad they are making a reality show out of it.

i think that u know if they want to do that for some extra money then i think they should go for it u know i dont think they should be hated i think that if they r doing that for money to make ends meet or support there families then i dont see the problem in that at all so if r doing gay porn for extra money to support there familys  so dont hate on them and dont be rude u know  and i think they should do it as long as thier wives and girl firends know bout it and if they r ok with it

Um, People, It's called Marketing! The straight guys go gay for pay is a better marketing strategy than gay for gay, right? Made you look and check it out. 

Straight my arse!

Broke  straight boys; neither broke, nor straight, nor boys..

C'mon, part of their lives could be true. They may in fact be broke!

You are so absolutely correct! I couldn't have said it better.

what channel will this be on?

Neither one is worthy of pay. They deserve to contract AIDS for their whoring ways.

Nobody deserves to get AIDS or HIV. Be a real man when you speak out and OWN your statements.

You are one big douchebag. To wish that on anyone is some kind of sick.

Wow. You are one special kind of douchebag. Feck off skank!!

Wow your a good person.

Wow. At least he knows how to spell! It's "you're" u moron not "your"!

And yet, you're writing 'u' instead of 'you'. Nice. 

Yes I did, Mostly it was because I was so upset seeing such a dumb mistake.

Allow me to fix that sentence for you.

Yes, I did. Mostly, it was because I was so upset from seeing such a dumb mistake.

And yet you call them retarded in your opening statement. People like you are the reason gay guys don't like other gay guys. Because you're catty and unnecessarily rude. 

Sure there are some str8 guys who will have sex with a guy for money but I'd say the majority of these guys in the site are either bi or gay. I've seen a few of the videos. Most of those guys look WAY too comfortable kissing each other or having sex. No way they're str8.

So you mean to tell me if you were offered money to pay all your bills to have sex with a girl as a gay guy you wouldn't. Coming from a guy who grew up in a town with no other gay guys faking intimacy gets pretty easy. Before I was out I forced myself to jave sex with girls to turn myself away from being gay. Although I failed miserably I did get good at one thing and that would be sex and intimacy. These guys are good at sex. Thats it. And they just so happen to get payed more to have sex with other guys. They shouldn't be labeled just because they have sex with guys. Thats a stereotype of what gay means and yes having sex with a guy does seem gay but these guys dont love eachother like I would love my boyfriend. They are just having sex. They are comfortable with their sexuality. Kind of like straight women who do lesbian pron.

If you've ever spent some time studying psychology, you'll find that sexuality is not as black and white as it may appear.  Alfred Kinsey in the late 1940's broke ground in establishing the Kinsey scale illustrating that there is a range of male sexual interest from those that are purely heterosexual to those that are primarily homosexual. If a guy has sex with another guy, he cannot be absolutely straight.  That's a given.  Some may argue that psychology has advanced beyond the Kinsey scale to include measurements for social and emotional intimacy, and to be truly "gay" one needs to have desires in homo-social and homo-emotional intimacy.  However, a man having sex with another man, or being aroused by another man doesn't make a man more straight.  It clearly makes a man at the very least bisexual.

Case and point, a friend of mine who identifies as exclusively gay felt the need to hop the fence and explore straight sex.  To have the experience, he hired a female hooker.  After all was said and done, all his gay friends were eager to hear what it was like.  He was all mum.  For months he chose not to discuss how sex was with a woman.  It wasn't until it was Thanksgiving and he was stuffing the turkey did his mood suddenly change and start to throw up.  He then confessed that having sex with a woman was so unnatural that he started to throw up.  He was of course embarrassed but learned that he was undeniably one hundred percent gay.  If he was the least bit bisexual, he would not have had such visceral response to the female anatomy.

As for the pay-to-be gay men, if they're not throwing up while having sex with another men, but getting aroused by another man, they simply cannot be purely heterosexual.

I don't get the appeal at all.  I must be too comfortable with my sexuality to worship retarded straight boys.  I don't hate them and want to see them get fucked either.   I understand that some guys who are emotionally attracted to women (Thus the straight label). but if you enjoy sex with men, then you are bisexual.  Own the label.  If they aren't and it's "acting".  Then I would feel used.  Why do gay guys hate other gays so much?  Why do we not find ourselves attractive.  There are masculine gay guys.  These guys have big egos and gay men fuel them.  They think they are the stars of the industry.  They won't call themselves gay, but will call themselves gay pornstars.  Honey, you are performers in all male porn, you aren't gay pornstars. Mainstream actors in gay films aren't called gay actors unless they are gay. 

I came across someone I knew modeling on this site. He is clearly gay and when I saw him on here that is when I knew the sight is not truly "straight" as they market it to be. He was not even straight acting so how he even got casted was a shock lol. 

Hey! I was going to make a similar comment but you beat me to it!  :)

A very dear friend of mine is an author of gay erotic and is like best friends with a lot of the gay porn stars.  One time her booth at a convention was set up next to the one that featured Broke "Straight" Guys and she got to know them.  Although she said that they were all sweet guys, she did tell me that none (and that's NONE in all caps) of the performers who were at the convention and who worked on the site are straight.  In fact, for many of them, the last time they say a va-jay-jay, they were coming out of it.

But there are G4$ performers.  Some have wives -Lucas Knight, Trent Disel, Sebastian Young.  Lots more.  Some they have to put on pussy porn on the set so they won't gag on dick (per Brad Hammer).  Why do we accomodate this shit?  They shame gay sex.  And this guy gets rich on it.

I don't care what anyone says.  Given the homophobia that is rampant in this country in certain straight circles, there is NO way a muscular hot straight dude would be like - oh, hey - maybe I should fuck dudes or suck dick and make a bunch of cash?  I don't give a shit if they have to watch straight porn while doing it.  The fact is there is something fucked up in their heads.  Period.  They could get another job.  

Had an ex who auditioned for them and college boys physicals most of them are gay who can play straight well enough

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