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Gay Performance Artist Will Have Sex w/ A New Man Every Day For A Year

​26-year-old performance artist Mischa Badasyan is about to embark on an ambitious and--what he hopes will be--provocative new art project.

Beginning in September, the openly gay artist will have sex with a new man every day for a year in the project, "Save The Date."

Mic reports:

Badasyan expects to explore the relationship between the culture of hook-ups, loneliness and the idea of "non-places," a concept in the work of French philosopher Marc Auge. "He was writing about non-places in the big cities; places like supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, motorways, and he says that people lose their identity, there's no communication, people don't feel a belonging to somewhere and that causes the loneliness of people," said Badasyan. "Save the Date" will extrapolate this cold, often corporate sense of loneliness into his sex life, exploring non-places in reality, in interpersonal relationships and on the Internet, the ultimate non-place. 

By meeting up with men in places such as parks, Badasyan will explore what happens to sexual interaction when it occurs in a non-place. It's an experience he knows about from the time he spent performing in Glasgow, while simultaneously looking for men: "I would go to [the park] every night and have sex with guys ... until 5 o'clock [or] 6 o'clock in the morning. And I was always … I felt very bad, I was crying all the time. I am always sad after these kind of meetings."

As for the project's ulimate end result, Badasyan speculates:

He wonders what it means for a person to become as amorphous and cold as the locations themselves. "Eventually I'll be like a non-place," he said. "so it'll be like a supermarket. I'll go on the date and then I'll go back." Becoming a non-place, as disconnected from reality as an airport is from a city center, exposes something interesting about loneliness: Badasyan may meet somebody every day, but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel alone.

It's certainly a risky endeavor--both from a physical and emotional stand point. Badasyan acknowledges that he himself is at risk of becoming a "non-place" over the course of the year. Sounds lonely. 

Also, for the record, Badasyan maintains he'll be taking precautions with regards to his sexual health.

An HIV organization is supplying Badasyan with condoms, and his previous work as an activist for HIV and AIDS organisations is influencing his work. "It's kind of a social project," he said. "I'm going to be promoting safer sex."

What's your take on "Save The Date," Instincters? 

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Pay not attention to Kyle posting below, as he is yet another Gay Pride Loser who lives and breaths all that low end Gay Pride crap. He is just another Gay Pride Queen who is old, fat and ugly with no ambition in his miserable life.

I read were artists and fags are now getting beat up all over as a result of this fag. This ag is so gross I cant believe he is capable of getting anyone to fuck him unless he pays them or they are really old and gross.

What I'm more shocked about beside's the fact that it's gotten so much attention is how 

unkind and flat out nasty most of the comments have been. 

Sex it appears brings out the best or worst in the human condition even when it's not 

even your own ass or penis that's getting put on the line . 

What else in your life gives such a case of judgment,shame and ugly ness towards others? 

That is an easy answer Rev. Mark.  It insults us when someone in the public eye, like this self-proclaimed "gay performance artist" perpetuates a stereotype of promiscuity already attributed to gay people to the extreme.  Gay men and women work hard every day and simply want equal civil rights like same-sex marriage and the benefits that come with such a union.  His actions and "art project" do not help.  If he simply said, "Look, I am going to be a whore for a year," then everything is fine and no one cares--being a whore is not being a performance artist of any kind.  But he made it a point to promote himself as a Gay Performing Artist.  It is the equivalent of listening to the Westboro Baptist Church and their "Fag" tirade, and then thinking that all Christians hate gays.  It is simply not so.  Simply put, what he is doing sends the wrong message. 

I totally agree.  This is a "gay" artist making an attempt for his "looksatme" moment by doing something completely "vulgar" and "contemptible" by most of societies standards. Since he "identifys" as a gay artist and it involves his freedom of "sexual expression" no one better dare judge or say this is not performance art anymore then Howard Sterns vulgar ratings for attention is an art-form... sorry Gay-America we need to grow up and realize gay-art can come in more then just porn in "art" form.

What happens when hen gets and STI/HIV... long term consequences of this "project:" Because, sorry guys PrEP is FDA approved for CLINICAL trials not general population use yet... lets hope he is safe.

This is a man that probably is still a virgin, and wants to go out and get his fix, and what a way to do it in the most negative way possible, and this sure puts the GLBT population at exploitation again.

Again another whore to promote gay sex ...... puking

I'm confused on how this is considered art.  I'm 28 and believe what he is trying to do has already been done by numerous individuals both gay and straight during their college years.  How about try something more original that hasn't been done by most people during college.  

Kyle Pugh, you are a loser with no ambition in life other than to move from house to house mooching off of men who can barely support themselves. You ugly, fat retail queen.

So being a walking stereotype and being a whore is now art and covered by all of the news media (both gay and straight).  When I presented my band, Hirsute Pursuit, to gay media (3 albums and a 12" remix out, recording 4th album), I was told it was the not the image that they wanted to represent gay people.  IT'S FUCKING MUSIC AND YET WHORING IS CONSIDERED ART.  WHAT THE FUCK?

So how is it petformance art? Is he goong to hsvebthe sex in public, or rrcotd it? Who are the partners? They have to be lined up in advance causevit isn't slways easy to get lucky. And how do I get on the list, cause he looks like he eould be sweet to have sex with....

I love the sad fags that comment here... so shallow and pathetic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and UWE... and Anonymous...We don't even have to see you to tell your're both UGLY and SAD

Once he is done with this experiment he will go through withdrawals due to the lack of endorphins he will be getting!!! His body every time will release a mass amount of them and when he is not having sex everyday he will crash!!! Maybe the AIDS association that is working with him should think about that! Hmmmm but that idea never crossed our minds... Oh well not my body and if he wants to be used up like that and make him self feel like that and increase the risks that go along with being crazy like that then more power to him!!! When it turns out bad I hope he has good insurance and that no one tries to rape or take advantage of him... 

Lol he will fail the first month. He's not even remotely attractive!!

It's definitely an interesting line of enquiry and something worth researching. It feels like a very extreme way to go about it and I hope he undertakes proper research methods and safety precautions or the whole thing is kind of pointless. Turning yourself into an experiment - scary stuff. 

i don't see how THIS guy is going to find 365 other men to have sex with him.  he's bald and dumpy.  definitely not the "catch of the day".

i don't see how THIS guy is going to find 365 other men to have sex with him.  he's bald and dumpy.  definitely not the "catch of the day".

And when did being a ho become performing art?  Yes I know that we will thank him for validating the whole gay promiscuous thing later... but really?  This is what happens when you try to be your own do it yourself therapist.  Either that or has no friends of reality-check to tell him how foolish this is.

Why limit it to one per day. Should do as many as he can in a day for a year.

This gurl needs a 12 step meeting, not a forum to show how wrecked her ass is after taking 365 dicks. Seriously. You won't validate anything besides the fact that you are empty lonely and like dick. Trust.

Just another lonely whore, sad really. He should be trying to improve his self esteem. Now that would be performance art.

Been there, done that. Though they didnt call me a performance artist...

Oh, look at me!  I'll take a shit every day for the next 365 days.  It'll be performance art.  Look at me.  Look at me.

Oh boy. Well sounds like fun. However, I will not be having sex with him. So don't try me lol

this guy is nothing more than a whore that's craving dick.  if he want's real performance art try finding that one person that's going to make him happy and getting married because there's an art to making a marriage last, and it brings happiness having someone special in your life.  what a sad sad man this is I feel so bad for him.

Lonely dude just wants sex. Boring and just plain stupid.

This is not performance art - ridiculous.  The guy just wants to get laid.  I am so tired of hearing shit like this - the last time, somebody would like to pop his cherry as a performance art.  Get over yourselves - you are not that interesting.

Where do I sign up for 1 of the dates?

It's more of the "art of desperation" to get laid..just saying

That's not "performance art" ... maybe dramatic irony?

Is he gonna top or bottom? I hope his hole can handle 365 different size meat sticks.

This is so freakin' stupid.  I can't wait until he comes with a STI and has to cancel the rest of it.

This story is getting more coverage than it deserves.

I agree with you, Michael.

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