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Gay Philly Man Murdered By Grindr Hookup, Police Say

Philadelphia police believe that 25-year-old Dino Dizdarević was strangled and beaten to death by a man he drove to the city from Chester, Pennsylvania to meet after talking with on Grindr. 

Philly Mag has the gruesome details:

The Delaware County District Attorney’s Office confirms the body of Dino Dizdarević was discovered in a lot on the 900 block of Parker Street  in Chester early on Thursday, May 1st. He had been strangled and, according to DA Jack Whelan, sustained “multiple blunt-force trauma injuries to the face.”

On Wednesday, April 30th, Dizdarević told his boyfriend, Nick McBee, with whom he was in an open relationship, he was driving to Chester to meet a man he'd met on the app. McBee began to fear the worst when the night wore on and he hadn't heard anything from him. "He was a responsible person. He always called to let me know where he was," he says. "I knew something was wrong."

McBee filed a missing person's report with the Philadelphia Police Department on Thursday morning, and was called to identify a body in Chester that matched the description. It was Dizdarević, though, according to sources close to the couple, he had been beaten so severely that he was only able to be identified from his clothing.

No suspects have been announced and police have yet to consider this a hate crime. 


I know a great deal about this young man and this case.

He did not go to meet a stranger that night.  Absolutely did not.  

The police are not releasing details, due to this pending case.  Please quit commenting on lies and his gay preferences.  Those who write them are as crazy and sick as the man who did this.  I will not read them.

There is nothing wrong with being gay and living life the way you want to live it.

Dino was beyond gorgeous, intelligent, and good in every way perfect.  I knew him and I always thought he was 100% perfect and there is almost no one I can say that about.

I love you Dino!  This case will be solved. I will make sure of that.

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He deserve what he got. You get on a site named grindr, you deserve what you get!

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@Kevdobbins35205 only because you are too insecure and you feel that you have to cover your tracks after you suck cock it does not justify having to have to kill someone. Seek council. you need it.  

The comments on here are repugnant and evil. I am a sexually active person and always have been. Most of the time using APPs and online social networking. There is something fucked up in your head if you seriously think sexually active people are automatically scum and immoral and are begging for this kind of thing to happen to them. That is medieval mindset. Humans are sexual beings and there is nothing wrong with expressing that safely. 

Craigslist , Grinder , whatever it may be  ...... they are all like direct advertisements to the haters and  and all fringe crazy gay hating anti gay groups  .  When are we gowing to learn ? Hooking up with someone in real life in real time is dangerous enough , let alone doing so in cyber space ... Did they not see the girl who lay claimed to having used craigslist as a means of searching out specific groups of men to murder because they answered her adds ????? WTF GUYS , COME ON !!! Save you own life here ... Is getting screwed that much of a priority to you , that you are going to risk the rest of your life for it ??  There are better ways ,, technology is not the way to go here .. you want Skype sex ? fine , go for it ,, but do not go running off to meet strangers . Your momma taught you that from the very beginning . How can you enjoy your time with someone youo just met to have sex with if you have to be thinking in the back of your head the whole time , " Is this guys going to wrap a rope around my neck before i get our of here "? .... use common sense .

Hopefully the police are astute enough to check the kid's Grindr account to track his communications.  My friend disappeared in the Arizona desert on his way to pick up a trick from craigslist. He was never heard from again. The police found his car in a ditch.    The case wasn't solved because AZ authorities don't investigate deaths of gay people.  They said it was "one less fag off the street".      Hopefully this kid in PA won't have died in vain.

Hopefully the FBI is following all the comments on here as the person bashing Kevdobbins stating he got what he deserved could very well be the murderer. On a second thought what is someone like that following gay stories on Instinct anyway.

Poor kid. RIP Let's hope they catch the animal that did this!

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your an absolute dick head. what if this was someone you knew or your self? your brother or sister or son or freind. will you say that then?? have some respect you heartless piece of shit.

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It really appalls me when someone with a world view like yours thinks he's a better human being than someone who has sex, even lots of sex, and all kinds of sex, all the time. He didn't hurt anyone, probably was a nice kid, but you...holy crap, man, what is wrong with you?

Dino was a really nice kid everyone around him loved him . Is said some hell ridden scum like the cunt that was talkin about his teeth prob has alot of kid porn on his computer :) but it's such a sad thing that happen 

I agree, its disgusting excuses for human life such as CMSmith that appalls. So the poor victim was open about his sex life and chose to meet someone for sex. That's his call! No ONE deserves to be murdered! Your fucking sick in the head, and I hope you stop hiding behind your computer and get your comeuppance. 

WTF?? If you read the thread a little more thoroughly and with some intelligence, GF, you'll see that I'm not the one you should be shrieking at. Seriously, read the thread again. Holy crap.

Jeese.....a tragic story turns into a bunch of cat fights.  SAD!!! my opinion, it has nothing to do with open vs. monogamous relationship nor Grindr app.  Stop talking about before and after.  To me, it is about safety within the community.  With or without the app, it can happen on a street and you may pull into a dark street and be beaten up.  

At the end, we need to careful and be responsible to ourselves.  The earth is not as safe as we think.  Be kind and respect to each others.

Why would anyone who enjoys the right to speak their mind actively seek censorship of another... I promise you all at one point or another there are many out there that would like to censor things stated by you... True some of these comments are distasteful... However, I for one enjoy the freedoms of speech this country offers each of us... Even when I cringe at what is being stated... As an adult I shudder and move past that respecting each and every jackass' right to speech... and their right to their beliefs... as I wish mine to be respected... This is a horrible story and not a new one... Has this happened before??? Yes!!! Will it happen again??? Yes!!! Is it right??? No... Is it life??? Yes... When we take chances and live dangerously... There are certain situations we must accept as a could happen scenario... This is in the Top 5... Again, it s awful... A tragic, horrible and senseless act... I think we often forget that the choices we make do affect those we love... This family has to deal with the loss of this individual and the acceptance of how they lost him... Awful... 

do you know how many people in Monogamous relationships both gay and straight MURDER thier MONOGAMOUS partner. Ramos your an idiot and your logic if applied to anything else sounds stupid. Thats like saying if my sister had walked and not driven that night she would not have gotten hit by that drunk driver and killed.  There is some sick mother fuckr out ther who is killing people and luring them in with sex from a hook up sight that is the scary part of this all.  So this should be a warning and not a debate we should be meeting these guys in public or at least telling our best friends, boy friends, or someone where we are going as in adress or pics of who we are going ot meet

No matter sexual preference a mother lost a son. A father lost a son and friend. A sister and brother lost a brother. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends for the loss of a love never to be replaced.

NO SUSPECTS?!?!  How about the phone number of the GOD DAMN GRINDR USER?!?!?!  Is GRINDR assiting with the user info?

Wow...I am shocked by some comments!
A young lost his life, seriously.
Beaten and strangled.....I feel very sad for his mom, dad, and family, besides his boyfriend and his friends that will miss sad!
For those who have posted angry, and out right mean comments ...yes we do live in a free speech society, I feel sad that you have zero RESPECT for life, or that fact common sense does not exist, what a way to life, judging by some comments, I hate to see what is your world of hate and ugly.
You me are no different that those who preach hate against us gays.
Such a seriously sad story....

FYI An open relationship is an interpersonal relationship in which the parties want to be together but agree to a form of a non-monogamous relationship.

A murdurer does not need for anyone to make exceptions for his not choosing a monogamous man to kill. He killed a beautiful young man. Regardless how he came to be a victim his loss will resonate through the lives of those who loved him forever. That said, there are many powerful lessons of safety and awareness embedded in this tragedy. May we all focus on those which we can individually adopt into our own lives, express respectful condolences and move forward.

Instinct, please for the love of humanity. Control your commentary, or disable it.
Enough said. 

I agree... screen the damn comments before they are posted... this is terrible...  take about drama queens taking away the attention of someone who passed away... so sad... this world is fucked up.... you cementers are worse

Correction: he was murdered not "pass away". 

Instinct you need to get control of your comments section right fucking now!

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Oh I get it now. You need to hide your feelings for "wiener" in your "bun". Anyway you're wrong and someday your mom's going to die. It'll be painful to watch, and it will hurt you so bad you'll forget how to breathe. But since she was a slut she deserves it. Remember me when she's lying in her coffin: I'm the guy in your head mocking your stupid, sorry mess.

How could you say such a thing? Are you serious? Murder is murder, you are total trash and full of hate. So a slutty girl would deserve this also? Faggot is a discriminating word like the a “n“ word, get some education and see a therapist.

Mr dobbins please note i neither knew this guy or his family but this is not a tragedy its a deliberate taking of life premeditated if the murderer put together a profile to pick a victim so as for you i wont offend you as i feel know reason to as your own actions define the person you are and who you are going to be this is evident in your lack of respect for the loss of this young man who probably contributed more to society in one hour than you will in your whole life many thanks for reading this but i doubt you will make any sense of it now you have a nice day

Have you become non-compliant with your medication? Maybe you need to go back into the unit, and probably for a lot longer this time. 

By the way, can you account for where you were when this horrific murder took place?

He probably had Hiv too out spreading it!

Kevdobbins you know you really are lower than pond scum let me say this Mr dobbins ....... Are you employed at the moment

Kevdobbins you know you really are lower than pond scum let me say this Mr dobbins ....... Are you employed at the moment

And you probably don´t have neither HIV neither partners to fuck you, otherwise you´d be minding your own business instead of mocking about the death of someone you never knew, you miserable jerk!

Meet me in person.  I'd like to teach you some manners.   Don't forget to let your mother know that you will be late for dinner. 

An open relationship is an interpersonal relationship in which the parties want to be together but agree to a form of a non-monogamous relationship. So, therefore, he was not "whoring" around. You are a waste of air. Go away, idiot lmao

OMG! first off... I DIDN'T PERSONALLY ATTACK ANYONE! and i can care less who agrees with me etc... I DIDN'T EXPRESS MY OPINION FOR POPULARITY or to be "LIKED"... and when it comes to relationships! TO EACH THIER OWN! and all the "ANALOGIES" are just BULLSHIT! and not at all (JUST LIKE SAYING...) and OBVIOUSLY SOME PEOPLE CAN'T READ! because I SAID!... THIS COULD'VE HAPPENED TO ANYONE! NO MATTER IF THEY'RE SINGLE or IN A RELATIONSHIP! but u assholes MISSED THE POINT!... OPEN vs. MONOGAMOUS = SEX WITH WHOEVER vs. SEX WITH ONE PERSON! and all i was saying!!!!!! is that IF HE WAS IN A MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP! then he wouldn't have been on a sex hook-up site! therefore the events that took place and lead to his murder! wouldn't have happened! and i don't understand why was i cussed out just because others didn't get it or understand... LIKE RIGHT NOW, MY FRIEND & HIS BF! ARE AT MY HOUSE NOW (together! because they have a MONOGAMOUS! RELATIONSHIP!) as oppose to an OPEN RELATIONSHIP! where one is watching T.V. and the other one is on grindr! lookin for dick & ass... and u guys are seriously missing the point! saying being in an open relationship has nothing to do with it? THERE'S NO WAY IN THE WORLD THAT UR GOING TO TELL ME HAD HE BEEN IN A CLOSED, MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP (with no cheating!) THAT THE SAME THING WOULD'VE HAPPENED! YOU PEOPLE ARE SADLY MISTAKEN!... and I'm not bashing him! ARE U KIDDING ME! this type of thing is on the rise! and of us arguing back and forth, how about we try to find solutions instead of more problems

I have to say that even if the point your trying to make could be considered valid, what your conveying is that people in monogamous relationships are better than those who are in open ones and that things like this only happen to those lesser beings.  This could have happened to anyone . . .period!!! The person who killed my friend was going to kill someone that night no matter how it came to be. It just so happened that he got a hold of one of the most wonderful beings there ever was and now he's gone.

Polygamy is not a PROBLEM that needs a SOLOUTION... there are plenty happy polygamists out there who have happy, healthy relationships. Additionally... not EVERYONE one Grindr is looking for a hookup. I don't give a fuck if 90% of people on Grindr are looking for a hook-up, THAT'S NOT ALL OF THEM. So to classify it as a "sex hook up site" (it's not even a site either... it's an app) is not accurate.

Sure... this guy going out to meet up with someone for possibly sex on this app DID lead to his murder... but the app... or the polygamist... did not CAUSE the murder. The cause of the murder was this PERSON. Obviously this murderer is suffering some sort of mental illness where he needs to hurt people. Or perhaps has some internalized homophobia issues... but MENTAL ILLNESS... and COMPASSION... and LOVE... and UNDERSTANDING... is what we need.

You judging this man because he was a polygamist or because he was using a hook-up app is EXACTLY the thing that creates MURDERS. Sure... in some cases people are BORN with mental illness or a tendancy towards murder... HOWEVER... let's reference the Columbine shooting.

Those kids were teased and bullied and seen as freaks. They were pushed to the fringes of society because they were much different from any of the other kids they were around... and because those kids couldn't ACCEPT them or attempt to UNDERSTAND them, they bullied them and made them feel like lesser human beings. The pain and suffering that these kids felt - on top of the fact that they had no outlet for it or someone to talk to about it - is what led to their massacre of the Columbine school.

It's an assumption... but suppose this guy was just someone who was a gay man with extremely internalized homophobia... and he was just looking for a gay man to outlet this on. Or maybe it was just some random murderer... WHO KNOWS.

What I do know... is that it is not fair to blame polygamy, or this app.

People need to be addressed... not things.

All men are whores!


Guys be extremely carefull whit this kind of peapol u never know what u gonna get. Expecialy in long distances. And byside if u are in a relation ship how come u gonna get sex whit some one else a bathhouse is more safe.

WHat I don't understand is how police can do one thing, not can't do another thing ??? Are the police not caring because he's gay. How do they not have a suspect ??? What about the past history info on Grinder on who he was talking to on his phone ?

This has absolutely nothing to do with his relationship status. Seriously. This thread is the equivalent of slut-shaming and it's despicable. It's the equivalent of telling a girl that she was raped because she was wearing a mini-skirt. NO. She was raped because there are despicable human beings called rapists. This man was not killed because of his open relationship, and what two people decide works for them is between them and no one else.

Those who wish harm on Ramos makes our community look really bad, just because you all have different opinions..but to let someone's opinion such as Ramos make some of you so upset that you would want to wish him harm.. Have you forgotten that one of our fellow gay was killed in a senseless murder , its bad enough that we still have to fight for basic human rights in this country and to be still treated like 2nd class or even lower class citizen but to wish harm on each other good job guys!! This isn't just about you!! You need to be better role models for the gay community and help each other and protect each other! My prayers goes out to Dino and his family and love ones!! Everyone has opinions accept it and respect it!! Instead of wishing harm on fellow gays :(

thanks man i agreeeee with your words... 

First of all this is such a horrible tragedy and extend my condolences to his family for thier loss... WITH THAT BEING SAID! (and no I'M NOT YELLING! JUST BECAUSE I WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS! that's just DUMB! it's not like u can actually HEAR ME!) BUT!... I DO AGREE 100% WITH RAMOS! (so hold off on ur bullshit daggers before u throw em at me)... TRUE ENOUGH THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE! NO MATTER IF THEY'RE SINGLE or IN A RELATIONSHIP! but what ramos is saying is that... IF HE WAS IN A "MONOGAMOUS" RELATIONSHIP! THEN HE WOULDN'T HAVE HAD GRINDR! or any need for it! (unless he was going to cheat!) but being in an "OPEN" relationship means he or his BF can go "HOOK-UP" with any ole TOM, DICK or HARRY... but if he was in a committed, MONOGAMOUS! RELATIONSHIP! then guess what... HE WOULDN'T HAVE A GRINDR ACCOUNT, HE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ON THE SITE, AND THEREFORE HE WOULDN'T HAVE SET UP A SEXUAL ENCOUNTER WITH A STRANGER! AND... WE WOULDN'T BE RIPPING EACH OTHER TO SHREDS OVER THIS STORY, BECAUSE THERE WOULDN'T BE ONE! BECAUSE HE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE! so to ALL OF YOU! who say him being in an OPEN relationship has NOTHING to do with him being murdered! OH YES THE HELL IT DOES!... for example! ON THAT VERY NIGHT HE WENT MISSING, I WAS VISITING SOME FRIENDS FOR MOVIE NIGHT... AND THEY WERE SITTING ON THE SOFA ALL CUDDLED UP WATCHING A MOVIE, NOBODY WAS ON A DATING/SEX APP. BECAUSE THEY HAVE A MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP (with no infidelity!) which means NEITHER ONE OF THEM HAD TO SAY TO THE "BOYFRIEND"... "Hey, babe... I'm chatting with this guy on grindr, so I'm gonna go have sex with him"... like WTF! SERIOUSLY! that is part of the problem! PEOPLE DON'T TAKE "RELATIONSHIPS" seriously, it's all about HOOKIN-UP... having sexual encounters with total strangers! AND HAD THIS GUY & HIS BF BEEN IN A MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP! then he would've been at home with his man! and not out lookin to have sex with someone else, and he'd still be alive! AND YES! MONOGAMY IS VERY POSSIBLE & REAL! even some animals MATE FOR LIFE!... it's preposterous to think or say... IT'S NOT NATURAL TO BE WITH ONE PERSON! that's one of the most INSANE, ASSININE THINGS TO SAY!... just because I'M A MAN! DOESN'T MEAN I THINK WITH MY DICK! cause some of you need to get ur heads OUT YA ASSES! and STOP ALL THIS BULLSHIT! cause this makes me VERY SAD & HEARTBROKEN for the GAY COMMUNITY!... UNITED WE STAND! DIVIDED WE FALL!

thank you so much Nicco it couldn't had been said much better!!!! 

You have too much to say about this. If I decide to get cash from a bank teller and end up getting murdered because someone robs the bank while and there and shoots me dead, would you tell everyone I should have just used the atm and then I'd still be alive? Seriously, shut up.

You end your comment with" UNITED WE STAND" yet your entire comment is slamming some one who has different views than your own. NO, his relationship status has nothing to do with it. Yes, this particular night if he hadn't hooked up, it may not have happened, but people get attacked on the street, in the store, etc. And what if he would have been single? Is he still not allowed to use the apps? Your comments are very similar to "she deserved to be raped because the way she was dressed"

Ramos, I agree that we are often too quick to dispose of relationships when we no longer find their terms "convenient" or we have to work to make them more meaningful.  That said, it is the roommate with whom Mr. Dizdarević had the open relationship that alerted police to the fact that something was wrong.  Therefore, for them, the "open relationship" worked.  For someone who was just a friend with benefits, can you imagine the horror of having to go identify the body of your friend?

Also, nothing is said of Mr. Dizdarević's family.  Apparently, had it not been for the missing person's alert, nobody would claim the body and this would have become a cold case and Mr. Dizdarević would have likely wound up a "John Doe".

I wish there were words to express my deepest condolences to all who are impacted by this case.  

I hope they find the person or persons that took this mans life. They should contact grindr have them look up the IP address of all people he messaged, search the area in which his body was found. His killer can be found .

my deepest condolences to his family and others near him. Rip

Rih my beautiful heart hurts from this...enough said.

He didn't deserve what happened to him. BUT you have to realize open relationships are not healthy.  In this case he was murdered by a psycho. Gay bashers do troll the net looking for victims. They don't care if you have a glorified roommate or not. Stop using these trashy hookup sites and you will live. Period.

Tell it to the mormons... Oh, but they´re blessed by God because it´s a straight relationship in which women know their place in society, right? BULLSHIT! You are saying this because it´s all about a gay guy.

Not healthy for whom? Many in the mental health field would say open honest relationships be they monogamous or polyamorous are what's healthy. Lying, cheating, , pointing fingers and blaming people for their honesty and openness is not healthy.

Wow Nick you're incredibly naive aren't you?  People get killed all kinds of ways. Not just from "trashy apps" 

omg how dumb can you be. do you first read what you write before you post it?!!

Thanks mom.

This is the dumbest response I've read in a long time. 

Therein lies a false dilemma. "Stop using these trashy hookup sites and you will live"....ummmm. And what does an open relationship have to do with any of this?

Its very sad either way you look at it. Someone lost a lover and boyfriend, Son, Friend, Brother, Uncle, and Grandson. It's a terrible loss for the families and loved ones. 

The open relationship is between the two adults that agree on whatever rules of the agreement.  I am not and never will claim to be God and shouldn't judge anyone or anything. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family members and loved ones of the person that passed.

I can't believe that all of this is being said to one another. Yes, We all have an opinion and should be allowed to express it but, when it starts Us in Our own community fighting and calling each other names, I think it is time for pause. I don't agree with "open" relationships but to each his or her own. I also don't agree with "hooking up" on grinder but it can be just as bad as the internet which I have done so in no way does that make it right or wrong to hook up when you're in a relationship. That is it all depends on who you are in a relationship with and if they know that it is going to be an open relationship. To each his own. Please try and understand an individuals opinion as they need to yours.

This happens to straight people on dating or social networking sites. This is not about being gay or straight open or committed. It's about being safe and building in mechanisms to protect yourself. NEVER put yourself in a vulnerable position with a stranger. Always have a plan and make sure whoever you are with...knows that someone knows where you are and they have their info. If that's not okay with the person....DONT GO. It shouldn't be secretive. If it has to be secretive, you are doing something don't do it. Take precautions and if the person won't let you...I highly doubt he/she is worth the risk!!!

I dated Dino for nearly a year. He was a wonderful and loving man and did not deserve to die scared and alone. I would gladly have taken that deadly beating with him, if only so that he would not have to die alone. I love him and have cried every day since I found out he was missing. My best memory of him is a night in which he fell asleep with his head on my chest. I don't think he could ever know how important that made me feel.

Please, before you post a comment, please consider his family, friends and loved ones who will see what you have to say.

Please know I am so sorry for your loss and the cold words from people lets's me know how cold and callous our world really is. May he find peace. May you find comfort in your memories. Again, I am so sorry. My prayers go out to his family, friends and those he loved dearly :(

These comments are deplorable saying someone deserves to die because they were in an open relationship or were hooking up is basically like saying someone deserves to be raped because they were wearing a short dress. Wow... 

As someone who uses grindr this is my worst fear. I work a lot and am to shy in person to really date, so i use grindr as my means of communicating with the gay men around me.
My heart goes out to that guy. That's horrible no matter what the circumstance. I really hope they find the murderer and put him in jail for a long long time.
My thoughts are with his boyfriend.

Lol at " puñeta"

Relax ramos..

Well guys.. everyone has its own thoughts and opinion.. I have back read the comments and I think in General we just really need to be really extra careful with the "strangers".

Remember what our parents told us when we were young? Do not talk to strangers. In reality, there are so many things bad happening through meeting strangers for a date, hook ups etc. And of course dont fully trust them. It is hard to know what there intentions are but just really careful. There are trippers or straight guys would make an acct. Just to meet you and go to your place but there intentions are to get all ur stuff or just kike what happened above.. the suspect might be a homophobic.. so just really really be careful.. thats all..

I think if people didn't live on Grindr, jack'd, ect. And people quit putting themselves in this situation all together and quit being fiends of sex and greed. The gay community's health and well being would be all around swell!

My condolences to the boy and his family and friends. But we as gay people need to take and soak what reality we are in and take it as a sign. Make yourself or your relationship (if in one) your upmost priority. And HIV, or brutal deaths like this would be a lot less likely. It's as simple as letting go of your hormones. 

However I admire everyone's opinions but opinions don't matter if you don't respect yourself. 

Good day to all

Open relationship is just having a friend with Benefits.

Have the police search his phone and laptop in my experience with them apps you can trace people 

Ramos I understand ur comment clearly but the truth of the matter is many gay couples are in open relationships. I myself do not believe in monogamy. Never have and never will. I do not feel its natural to commit to one person. Can and will I give my heart to one,AVSOLUTELY. sex does not involve the heart. That said,there should be rules set in place for an open major thing forme is absolutely no sleeping over. But the fact that this iindividual was in a relationship has no berring on the murder. It happens more than we hear. Straight,bi,single,married....anytime u meet for a hook with a stranger it is a risk. In the times I have hooked im always sure to let someone know who im meeting where im going and when I should be back. But we dont even know if he ever even mwt his grindr hook. He nay have been robbed,mugged and murdered before or after his hook. Until we know more we shouldnt jump to conclusions or judge what this individual or anyone for that matter,does when they choose to hook.

Oh god love him poor guy , there's so much sick people out there him the get the sick  homophobic parasite

Some of you people need to have respect!!! A man is dead and this could have happened to anyone grinder scruff plenty of fish or fuckin Christian mingle don't hate on a guy for using a gay app he's only human like the rest of us


Ramos, what right do u have to judge people for their actions? A man has died! Have some respect for this mans family and shut your judgemental trap! Let him rest, my sincere sympathy goes out to him and his family. xo

Mr. Anonymous do you know the MEANING of OPINION? cause if you don't here it is:

1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.
3. the formal expression of a professional judgment: to ask for a second medical opinion.
4. Law. the formal statement by a judge or court of the reasoning and the principles of law used in reaching a decision of a case.
5. a judgment or estimate of a person or thing with respect to character, merit, etc.: to forfeit someone's good opinion.

OK, when a  couple gets together, they have this great thing called monogamy. It's a bond between two people, when two people get together and form an open relationship, what they have is some dumb bitch willing to pay half the bills. There is no commitment whatsoever.

Unless that couple agrees not to conform to monogamy. Not everyone is interested in following the same path as everyone else. Just because someone does something differently than you do doesn't them a "dumb bitch."

This isn't a story about fidelity. It's a story about a gay man openly using Grindr and getting murdered. His relationship status is irrelevant. If he didn't get murdered it would have been someone else.

THANK YOU!!!!! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO SEES MY POINT!!!! yeah the story is about the application but the open relationship does have an impact on it that's all i was saying with my comment... i am not trying to disrespect the dude i was just stating a FACT on the story... 

So what if he was in a open relationship, he did not deserve to die and it may happen to someone else on Grindr regardless of whether they are single or in an open relationship.

Geez Ramos it seems to me that you dont give a shit what happens so i guess i cant be judge by saying i wish the same thing happened to you as well. For someone dumb fucking ass that has a major issue about this and enjoys it very much goes to say that this sounds like a FETISH THING. 

Very deplorable and disgusting for any IDIOT human being to act

WOW THANKS i love when the TRUTH comes out on guys!!!! I LOVE IT THANKS!!! 

I wonder if his @$$ was grinded first.

What can one expect from an app called "GRINDR"  it sounds like a brutal slang term used to make ground round out of slabs of raw beef.

Um can't they check his Grinder profile history to see "who" he planned to meet?  This is very tragic to have happen.  But it should be a wake up call for many ppl- BE CAREFUL & ALWAYS let others know "Who" (show pic, profile etc) you are mtg & "where" then you STILL should be cautious if your frnds say don't go then don't.  We had a frnd who was out at a bar with us & met this guy & decided to go back to a hotel with him.  We told him not to since he just met this guy & we all had a bad feeling about it. After several days we didn't see or hear from him so we notified police & a week later they found his dead body in the trunk of a rental car sitting in a parking lot 200they never caught the guy who murdered our frnd. :-(

Hello. I've used Grindr and there is no way to check a user profile history. Say his phones missing, you won't be able to check his prior messages if you were able to log into his account on another phone. Messages are deleted or removed when you access your account on a separate device. But if he added the guy as a favorite, those are never erased.

You honestly don't know who's got a criminal background on Grindr or not. Many fake pictures on people's profiles. There's no verification photo like most gay chat apps. You also don't know if someone is actually syraight and trying to target homosexuals and kill them.

Users can't check history, but Grindr can work with police to pull the chat logs. Don't for a second think that your conversations are 100% private. Liability would suggest that Grindr log all conversations.

Ramos everyone has read your comment except for you!  What does an open relationship have to do with this kids murder.  If he were not in a relationship he would not have been murdered?


Why are you yelling? And who made you the authority on relationships? If two people are happy with their consensual arrangement, then it's none of your business.

Yikes... Sounds like this bitter queen has had a bad experience being in an open relationship. 

LMAOOOO QUEEN? funny one and I AM AGAINST OPEN RELATIONSHIPS why would i allow myself to experience them if i am against them THINK!!!! oh and the QUEEN comment YEAH AND I WEAR MY CROWN WITH PRIDE 


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