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Gay Rower Proposes To Boyfriend After Setting Rowing Record Crossing Atlantic Ocean

American Oarsmen David Alviar, Mike Matson and Brian Krauskopf--all from Texas--became the first and fastest three-man crew to row across the Atlantic Ocean. The arduous and sometimes harrowing 3000 mile journey took them from the Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa to Antigua in the Caribbean. 

Beyond earning the thrill of being able to claim that they'd crossed the Atlantic, one member of the team, 31-year-old Rice University rowing coach David Alviar, ended the journey by proposing to his boyfriend Stanley Lewis as soon as he arrived on land!

Here's an excerpt from the end of their trek (and the marriage proposal) courtesy of

And finally, at about 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 1,  with 39 nautical miles to go, he tweeted, “One last push!”

Twelve hours later, family and friends waited  in a harbor in Antigua. Matson’s wife and children were onshore straining to see the boat come around the cliffs of the harbor. Stanley Lewis was there, too, waiting for the man he would marry.

In the darkness, the Anne quietly slid past two buoys, the finish line. The men stood unsteadily aboard and shot red flares to celebrate.

“We did it! First trio in history to ROW the Atlantic!” Matson tweeted.

Alviar, in a T-shirt and shorts and wearing his ball cap backward, took one step off the boat and staggered. After seven weeks at sea, he could barely walk on land.

But grinning, his face bathed in camera light, he wobbled to one knee and held up a ring to Lewis.

“Will you marry me?”  he asked, his voice straining with exhaustion.

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Congrats to the entire crew! (And congrats on your engagement David and Stanley!) 


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