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Gay Russian Teen Uses Twitter To Combat Homophobia

Amidst the ever-growing Twitterverse, there's one Twitter-user who's gaining attention--and needs it. 

A Gay Russian teen is providing a glimpse, via his tweets, into what life is like as a member of the LGBT community in his country. 

VICE interviewed the teen, Kirill, over email. VICE writes:

Russian queers cannot run to the police for help, since most likely, none would be given. Few gays are able to leave Russia, so they live within a country that hates them. Apart from activists protesting in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, most gays have either gone into hiding or attempted to mask their identity, making it difficult for Westerners to know what it’s really like to be gay in Russia. But one brave gay Russian teenager is changing this with @ru_lgbt_teen, a Twitter account about being a gay teen in Novosibirsk, the third most-populated city in Russia.

Like most teenagers, Kirill tweets about his personal life, with short sentences about his recurring depression and minor updates on what he does in his free time. In recent tweets, he has discussed bullying at school and his inability to seek asylum. 

Via email, Kirill was kind enough to speak to VICE about his Twitter account, how he meets other gay teens, and his plan to escape Russia. For his protection, Kirill has asked us to only use his first name.

VICE: What's it like being a gay teenager in Russia?
Kirill: Generally speaking, you have a gay teen being seen as a “disenfranchised deviant” in the eyes of society and the state. People are different, but the male members of society are trying to avoid having anything to do with gays, [because they don’t want anybody] to think that they are gay. In Russia, gays are not people.


Head to VICE for Kirill's full interview. Follow him on Twitter: @ru_lgbt_teen


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