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Gay Scoutmaster Refuses To Leave His Post Despite Being Banned By Boy Scouts

Backed by his church, Scoutmaster Geoffrey McGrath refuses to step down from his post despite having his membership revoked by the Boy Scouts of America for being gay and over 18 years old. 

“I have not tended my resignation,” said McGrath, a former Eagle Scout and co-founder of Boy Scout Troop 98. “Until I am relieved of my duty properly, I stand in my post."

After receiving the Boy Scout of America's decision handed down by the BSA's Chief Seattle Council, McGrath decided to stay in his post unless the United Methodist Church in Rainier, Washington, (his troop's charter organization) instructed him otherwise. It doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon.

“Geoffrey is our Scoutmaster and Geoffrey will remain our Scoutmaster,” says United Methodist's Pastor Monica Corsaro. 

The Boy Scouts of America, which currently bans any openly LGBT adult from serving, defended its decision to remove McGrath from the organization. “Our policy is that we do not ask people about their sexual orientation," a BSA spokesman said, "and it’s not an issue until they deliberately inject it into Scouting in an inappropriate fashion."


that's all fine a dandy, but what will you tell these boys when BSA takes away the churches charter away?

you going to drive these boys to the next troop ... stop thinking of yourself and do what's right for the kids..... I don't give a rats butt about you being gay, good for you but you are going to to hurt the boys in the end.... just to keep your pride, that's good teaching.

Geoffrey, the Boy Scouts needs more guys like you . Stay strong and never give up!

"A Scout is Trustworthy" is the first point of the scout law. Being worthy of someone's trust means being both truthful about who you are and holding the confidence of others.

The post of scoutmaster is a sacred position held by a community leader entrusted with building each scout's leadership skills. It is a tribe of brethren led by a person of strong moral character, acting as an example to everyone under his or her tutelage.

There is no place in the entire boy scout organization for sex - hetero or homo. Even though the scout oath espouses each scout to be "physically strong, mentally awake, or morally straight", there is no allusion to sexuality. Being morally straight means being able to discern right from wrong and always following the former path.

As the boys grow up, they may find a special friend they're attracted to and they need a safe place to discuss their feelings. A trustworthy Scoutmaster helps that boy by guiding him to do what's right, according to the boy's own credo. It really doesn't matter about the Scoutmaster's gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

If any Scout leader is not allowed to be truthful about him or her self, that trust is broken and so is the entire troop for which he or she stands. Kudos to you, Geoffrey for standing up and being You.

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