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Gay Singer-Songwriter Pens Song About Arizona's "Gay Segregation" Bill

Eric Himan was preparing for an upcoming concert in Arizona when lawmakers in the state passed a bill legalizing the refusal of goods and services to LGBT citizens. The gay singer-songwriter responded to the news by penning and recording "Not Going Anywhere Tonight" in just a few hours. 

He writes in the description on the YouTube page for the video:

I couldn't take it. I had to write this song and put it out there." I urge everyone to take it seriously. Bills like this could easily find its way across our country. Let's stop it now and continue our fight for our freedom to live as ordinary citizens with equal rights under the law.

In just a few short hours I wrote "Not Going Anywhere Tonight", a soulful musical message to the Arizona Legislature. Within three days I recorded it with acclaimed DJ Alex Harrington and shot this video to get his message out while on tour. You can also purchase and download the song here:

100% of proceeds to groups fighting to keep this bill from becoming law as well as fighting for full LGBT equality in Arizona. 


Very good blog, thanks for sharing!

Very good blog, thanks for sharing!

Love it Eric...much love, Chris VonTanner

Love It, How Can We Get This Song On.the Radios....

Love this song and what it stands for .... EQUALITY~

I like it!  Good job!

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