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Gay Teen Comes Out To His Brother On YouTube

YouTuber Seth Alan came out as gay to his brother and he's sharing the experience with the world. 

Check out the footage!

Seth writes:

It's been a long time building up to this one point in my coming out story, but I'm glad it all turned out for the better! :)

Cool that his brother initiated the discussion!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Sorry! Hope your life IS filled... My bad!

You are so cute! Good luck in your journey! Hope your life I filled with joy and laughter! Best wishes to you!

I think it's great, maybe we will see a video next week of his brother coming out to Seth 

he's really cute, hopeful

Congratulations Seth, I am 63 and I came out 32 years ago when I was 31,  I was in the Military so I couldn't until I left.  I am so happy it is now so much easier for young Gay lads like you, but I am very aware it is not always the case in the USA.  Similarly as it so difficult for those in Africa who are threatened with being beaten and killed.  Anyway Good luck for the future Seth.  Love to you and your family from London, England. :) XXXXX

im just going to point out that homosexuality is still a big issue in some countries, eg, russia, africa even in the uk, gay people get bullied, battered, killed or sometimes gay people get to a point where they cant cope and commit suicide. i live in scotland and its just taken this long for gay people to be legally married, its ridiculous.

First of all, everyone already knows you are gay. If they don't, they may be retarded. People can tell by your affectations, speech, interests, dress, etc. It should not matter to anyone what your sexuality is, unless they are sexually interested. What stands out most to me, is that you seem to be very immature and confused. Your brother already knew you were gay, as well as your parents. It is not the big deal you are making it out to be, and it is not a big secret to anyone that knows you. Accepting yourself seems to be the real issue here.  Being gay or straight is acceptable in most cultures today, and even gay marriage is becoming acceptable in most states. It is really a non issue. As long as you are a well adjusted, mature, educated, decent human being, you will be a great part of humanity. Good luck.

can't u just be happy for the kid? Jesus. get a life. sounds like u got a LOT of issues itself. thanks for being so JUDGMENTAL.

That's a whole lot of Herero-normative stereotyping for one comment don't you think? We can't all be classified by how we look or dress or talk or act and for you to stereotype in that way is really unnecessary 

Get over it!  I am not stereotyping in this particular case. The hard truth will actually benefit this guy, as he needs to seriously wake up and harden up. How do I know what he needs, you may ask? I know, because I was personally there at one time. These comments come from experience.

          I think coming out is a big deal, it is because other people he may or may not know will be against him if they discover, more on his family member, he don't want his family have a problem because of his sexuality, you don't expect if his brother was going to freak if he confirms his suspicion.

Congrats for having the courage to come out and share your true self with the world. I know it had to be hard and I commend you! 

Didn't his brother 'out' him?

but...isnt his bro gay too? i mean..c'mon! lol

It is SO OBVIOUS that the Brother is Gay Also. They just should just admit it !!!

Didn't his brother 'out' him?

Wow, his brother is really hot in his underwear ;-) can just tell....his turn to come out now...

I kinda think his brother is gay too.

I believe his bro is gay too.

Am I the only one that thinks the brother is gay too with hands flying everywhere? I'm just saying.

nope ditto, in fact was my first thought lol 

I remember telling my younger sister who said, "are u going to tell me your gay?" because I knew that. :)

Everyone should post a vid of his brother in underwear!

Yes, and what is it with his hands also flaring around !!  LOL

Many years ago I came out to my twin sister and she reacted exactly the same way Seth's brother did. Congrats Seth! 

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