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Gay Teen Kaitlyn Hunt Speaks Out From Jail: 'I Was Set Up'

Kaitlyn Hunt, the lesbian Florida teen who recently accepted a plea deal following her illegal sexual relationship with an underage teen female classmate, is speaking out from jail where she's serving a sentence through Dec. 20.

Hunt tells Florida NBC affiliate WPTV

"I feel relieved a little bit that everything is over and I'm not still going through this crazy thing," she said.

Beyond the Free Kate bracelets, and the Free Kate websites, sits a 19 year-old Sebastian girl who claimed she didn't now she was breaking the law having a then 14 year-old girlfriend.

"I didn't know why I was in trouble, I didn't really know.  She was that person I could go to when I was upset or needed someone to talk to," said Hunt.

Hunt said it was overwhelming and shocking to see her story explode in social media.

Prosecutors, and the victim's family, contended this case was not about same sex relationships but underage relationships.

Hunt said the first night she spent in jail was probably her lowest point.

"I was pretty shaken up. I was confused. I was scared," said Hunt.

Hunt and her defense team rejected the first plea deal prosecutors offered, and had a second one rescinded after it was revealed Katliyn had still been in contact with the victim through thousands of explicit text messages.

"I do regret it because I trusted her as not only my friend but my girlfriend too. I felt I got set up in multiple ways and I got hurt by her," said Hunt.

Hunt added she still cares about the younger girl as a person but does not love her the way she did before.

She says family support has kept her going and she wishes she had a chance to talk with the other girl's parents.

"I would have respected their wishes and I would have sat down with them and had a conversation with them and it would have been different," said Hunt.

When asked if an apology is in order, Hunt paused.

"Man, I don't know how to answer that. To their family no," she said firmly.

Following her December release from jail, Kaitlyn will serve two years of house arrest. 

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Sorry, but I don not believe for one minute that she "don't know" there was a problem with an 18 year old having sex with a 14 year old. 

She disobeyed a court order to have no contact, she cannot claim ignorance of that.

The efforts to get this girl special treatment because she is gay is misguided. There are hundreds of 19 year old boys who have been punished more severely than this for the same thing. The are literally thousands of men who are technically sex offenders because they had sex with their girlfriend, many with age differences smaller that 14/18. She is getting equal treatment which should be the goal of the gay rights movement, not getting special treatment for this woman,

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