Gay Teens Chastised By Lifeguard For Hugging In Public

A teenage gay couple was enjoying their time at a pool at a local beach resort, when their day of fun and recreation was interrupted.

The young men said that they were "intimidated" by a lifeguard at the Lido Arcobaleno beach resort in Caserta, Italy

And why?

Because of a harmless public display of affection. they explained.

Said one of the young men to Repubblica:

“We were in the pool like everyone else.

“While we were in the water, like everyone else present, we also embraced, a spontaneous embrace, but we are two men and it was not appreciated.” 

According to the couple, the lifeguard insisted the young men stop hugging, because, “there are children present in the facility.”

Although several straight couples were in the pool with them, not one of them was asked to refrain from showing affection, according to the young men.

A rep for the resort denies allegations of homophobia, explaining to Repubblica that the lifeguard felt compelled to address the couple because other guests had complained.

H/T: Queerty