Gays For Trump Rally Draws Over A Dozen People

A Gays for Trump rally held in DC became an intimate gathering when just 18 people arrived to attend.

Held on July 1, the "Make America Great Again Free Speech Rally" drew its modest crowd near the National Mall.

Gays for Trump President Peter Boykin told the rally attendees:

“Make American Great Again is not just a political slogan.

”It’s an American one which has been shared by many great people in this nation no matter what their race, gender or sexual orientation.”

According to the Washington Blade, the event drew both gay and straight attendants, many loyal conservatives who believe that Donald Trump is integral to America's future success as a nation.

And although the event was supposed to be a nonpartisan rally for free speech, only Trump supporters spoke at the event.

Speaking of Trump's famous campaign slogan, Boykin said:

“It makes me proud when I hear those words and to live by that code and to not only attempt to MAGA for me but to MAGA for everyone.

“For if we truly Make America Great Again then we can bless the world in MAGA, which is to make the earth great again.”

He also addressed the gathering's modest turn out:

“It’s not that people didn’t want to come out.

“A lot of people said they would love to but they just couldn’t afford it. It’s the Fourth of July weekend and a lot of people also spend time with their families."

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