Genderqueer Heather? YAS! The 'Heathers' Reboot Trailer is Officially Here!

There is a ton of popularity surrounding reboots of television shows from the 90's as of late, most recently with the resurgence of Will & Grace and most recently Sister, Sister (which any excuse to see or hear Jackee is enough to get me to watch.)

The 80's, however, isn't getting too much love on the small screen, with the exception of One Day at a Time on Netflix.  That is about to change, however, as the beloved 80's dark comedy Heathers is being retooled into a television series, where one of the "Heathers" in question is genderqueer. Yas!

The show, which premieres March 7th on the Paramount network, follows a similar format to the original Winona Rider flick from 1988, where an outcast student plots to kill the cool kids.

What's even better?  Shannen Doherty is back as one of the original OG Heathers, as she mutters the line "Whatever you do, make sure it matters,” and we see a brief glimpse of one of my favorite comedic actresses Selma Blair

See the trailer below.  Are you excited to see what the Heathers TV show brings?