Geordie Shore's Mark McKeena Rubbed His Pride Against A DJ

Another reality star shows his lower half to the internet, but this isn’t the first time the world’s seen it.

Marty McKeena was a member of the reality shows Ex on the Beach and Geordie Shore. The second show was the British version of the Jersey Shore, only crazier, packed with testosterone-filled men willing to whip it out, and full of a lot more on air sex.

But for that show McKeena only starred in six episodes before getting sick and leaving.



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Now, there’s a clip on the internet going around of Marty McKenna playing a “prank” on a DJ.

McKenna decides its time for him to have some fun with the DJ at a club. While he distracts the DJ with a question, he has his willy out and rubs it all over him.

Want to check the scene out yourself? Click this NSFW link to go see it.