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Georgia Gas Station Puts Up Sign Calling Customers In Baggy Pants "Fags"

The owner of a gas station in Lagrange, Georgia obviously has never heard of assless chaps. Outraged by customers who walk in to the area's classiest joint in baggy clothes and expect to be served gasoline, owner Anil Patel posted an offensive sign to their door that reads:

"Only 'fags' like to keep their pants down!!!! Pull your pants up!!! Or be proud to be 'gay'"!!!

Joshua Southern, a now-former customer of the PCA Food Store, says he'll no longer shop there because of the sign. “I couldn’t believe they put something like that up,” he told a local news station.

Patel remains defiant even if his offensive sign is turning customers away. 

“I came up with that sign, nobody else did,” he said. “Since that sign went up there, I don’t see no pants down in my store, because they read the sign and they decide what they want to be.”

“It really offends me by them coming in, pants down. So it is not that I’m against them, gay people or anything like that, but just trying to prove a point. If you are going to come in my store, make sure you have your pants on,” Patel added in an attempt to defend the sign.

Check out WSBTV's video report on the controversy:


I used to work with the owner, Anil-He is a good man.  And he's right.  Sagging pants are for faggots...

Auto-playing videos are fucking annoying!

He should change gay to Indian 

Isn't the whole baggy pants down a sign
That prison inmates use to solicit sex? That's what I was told years ago.

The answers are a click away, Mateo.

Remember – this is Georgia.

And the guy is obviously a twit! Consider the source and let it go – not worth the attention!

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