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Geraldo's Selfie Gets Him Kicked Off University Panel

Geraldo Rivera's summer selfie did more than just get the entire Internet chatting... it's also had him kicked off the panel of a Pittsburgh university. 

Duquesne University had hired the Fox News darling to moderate a panel marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, but took swift action this week after deciding that the above image suddenly made Geraldo the wrong man for the gig. 

A spokesperson for Duquesne wouldn't elaborate with the Associated Press on why, exactly, the selfie lead to Geraldo's canning from the event. 

Do you think the university's decision was fair? 




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Or what if this were someone like Schwarzenegger?

I don't think the picture alone is worth kicking him off the panel.  Geraldo is a public figure.  We live in a body conscious society.  He is over 70 I think, and he is busy and working and strong and healthy.  I think he is showing that!  Nothing wrong with the picture.  BUT if he posted it on a sex site or something weird was said, then it would be something that would be worth examining about retaining him as a panel member.  Seems like if Rihanna did this nothing would happen, she is young and a wild child.  Geraldo is old and also a little in your face...would he have been treated differently if he were young now, as opposed to showing an aging and still beautiful body?

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