German Football Association Wants To Help Players Come Out, But Advises Them To Do So "Off-Season"

The German Football Assocation (DFB) is being accused of promoting the equivalent of a "Friday night news dump" disguised as acceptance of openly gay athletes. 

PinkNews reports:

The DFB’s “Right way to come out!” is an advice pamphlet designed to target and help gay football players come out of the closet.

However, players considering taking this step are advised to save their announcement until “just as the season comes to an end” because the news will have a media “half-life.”

The pamphlet explains that this will allow time for public attention to die down before the new season opens.

Other critics charge that the pamphlet is simply not enough to help LGBT athletes. 

“Publishing a brochure is one thing," said Jörg Litwinschuh, head of the Magnus Hirschfeld Institute, "but you can’t leave people alone after that.”