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German Soccer Player On Why He *Isn't* Coming Out

One German soccer player is opening up about why he isn't officially coming out as gay:

From Pink News:

Speaking to Deutche Welle, the anonymous German footballer, going by the pseudonym Nico, said: “”When you play well in a game and the crowd starts cheering your name, there’s no better feeling.

“It wasn’t worth throwing that and ten years of training away just because I like men and not women.

“By chance the team I was in found out that I was gay.

“After a training session I walked into the shower and I realised all of my teammates weren’t naked, but were wearing underpants.

“Of course I was totally shocked, and first I didn’t know why.

“Then I slowly realized: It’s because of me. In that moment I thought my career was over. I didn’t want to go to training anymore.

“That showed me that being gay just isn’t accepted in football. And that won’t change in the near future.”

Nico, who currently plays in Germany’s Under 19 Bundesliga, said that conditions had gotten worse after former West Ham and Everton player Thomas Hitzlperger came out.

It sounds like there's still progress left to be made among athletes. What do you think, Instincters?


Roughly 8 billion people are living on Planet Earth.
Half of them are men, at least from a purely biological point of view ... ;).

Now, if so, why - on Earth - does almost every heterosexual man seem to think,
firstly, that his f*cking (sic!) a** might be the sole exemplary on this planet attracting me (falsely not only assuming that being gay DOES HAVE to mean being sexually attracted to male butts at all, but also that this is the only thing "gay" in a homosexual man's life and mind) and
secondly, that every gay man virtually shags everything that's not quick enough to jump up the next three when he - the gay - is approaching?

Guys, what is it that makes you think this way?

Can it be true, many of you are so obsessed with and controlled by their own reproductive instinct that they consider themselves (and their respective “homies”) the only sexually potent and attractive "sperm spewers" to be taken seriously, and it is that, what makes a somewhat more realistic view on your possibly homosexual counterparts outright impossible?
To realize, that is, the sheer biological fact you're a man does by no means make you [sexually] attractive to gays and that, even IF you MIGHT be attractive in some common sense of way at all, this mustn't necessarily apply to THAT one person you’re confronted with in a given moment in the sense of turning you into an "object of interest".

I mean to ask, IF this is (part of) the truth, how sickly self-centered can an adult guy – assumed he’s using his brains on one or the other occasion – really be?

How ill is THAT ???

I don't understand the whole 'coming out" thing.I'm 79have worked 45 yrs on road and bridge construction and everyone knew.  After all I had a bunk buddy for 28 of those yrs but we never talked about it on the job and there sure wasn't any butt pats or kisses and I never felt it was important.  If any of the crews wanted to come to our house they were welcome and we had many good friends that would help us at any time we asked.  They were comfortable with us and often brought their kids and wives.  We had many cookouts and holiday parties at our house because it was huge and we had all the stuff to do it.  Wives would cook right along side us and all was great.  I never wanted to marry my bunk mate as we had trusts that took care of each other.  We had 28 w2onderful yrs of love until Alshiemers took him from me.

Being socially and psychologically isolated isn't particularly psychologically healthy; many people suffer from it, and many LGBT people are persecuted and bullied terribly no matter how discreet they are. Open social acceptance is important, especially, I think, for young people who may otherwise feel totally isolated. Coming out helps that because people tend to  become more accepting when they know they have friends and family members who are LGBT.

Your "bunk mate" died of AIDS, or committed suicide to get away from your pathetic, old, ugly ass.

Nobody cares to know your pitiful story of a truck driver and his worthless "bunk mate"!

who truly cares if you are being judged that should never matter in any case. while, I am a big supporter and coming out at your own time, that doesn't mean that now that people know that you should keep denying it and hate it it makes no difference to anyone anymore so why try to hide something but I don't know the truth people have to face their own truth and only security is so is his teammates are being that insecure again maybe they themselves are too afraid that they may be judged for accepting something that is too real. Grow up everyone needs to be a professional and make this world a much better place and just accepting everything and anyone

Strange how straight men flatter themselves enough to cover up in the company of a gay guy.As if that's all we think about.

I think he is full of shit.

I think coming out is the right thing to do.  It opens the door for the young people to be honest about who they are.  The team now knows, so they should grow up.  Being the true you, makes life worth living.  I have 5 brothers who all know I'm gay and they don't care.  My straight friends think it's great, more ladies for them.  You only get one life, don't live it a lie.

totally agree , and support anyones decision to not come out , as well as come out , either way . It is a personal choice , and in many ways they have to decide if it will work for them . I have always said a young person has to be very careful about coming out to his family . He / she has to almost know for certain their family will be supportive of them , because where will they go if they get kicked out of their home ?  Until they are no longer tied to their parents wallets any longer and capable of taking care of themselves and being self supportive they need to be very sure .. Yes we have made a lot of strides in this country , while other countries seemingly are going backwards , so ... things are not as rosy as some would have us all believe . There is definitely plenty of room for more improvement in the acceptance of the world . And if we think a day is coming where it will be as accepted as heterosexuality is here in America  we are simply fooling ourselves , no more so than if we think that everyone one day will be totally tolerant of minority races and that racism will one day be totally annihilated . It will never happen . There is always going to be some who are against someone simply based on  who they love , sleep with , the color of their skin , or their religion .

There are a million reasons for failure. There is not one excuse,

To come out or not to come out is a personal decision and only the individual can determine when and how he or she wants to come out. Forcing a person to come out just because of the celebrity status they have is very selfish of the people wanting to come out. I am sure in his time and in his way he will one day come out. We wil all be bettercoff for allowing this to happen.

After learning and dealing with gay guys in the closet truly being mean to me and gay guys not saying anything to homophobes and gay guy being nice, friendly, and buddies with the jerks at my gym, YOU KNOW WHAT !?! As long as he is not mean to gay guys, I give him full permision to stay in the closey as long as you want !

His teammates are unprofessional assholes.

No sympathy. Sorry. If middle school aged kids can come out and face REAL danger and this man, this celebrity, who will stay in the closet for fear of losing the adoration of the crowd cannot do it, then I cannot sympathize. These are the same excuses we all used before we came out. We had a million reasons justifying staying in that closet and not a single one could justify the pain of living a life that was inauthentic. I hope this man comes to terms and I wish him the best, but I will reserve my pity for those who DO come out and face violence Or real scorn, not just losing fans

His team found out he was gay and turned their backs on him.  It seems like you are too quick to judge.  Coming out is a personal thing and he owes nobody anything.  I hope he comes to terms on his own and that he finds himself soon.  I still have to be careful with who I come out to at work even with DADT out of the military for fear of being judged.  

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