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Germany Proving It's Better Than Texas? Lone Star State Starts Process To End Marriage Equality For All.

As we cheer on other nations in their advancement of rights and equality, we here in the US are watching our equality bus being put in reverse by a Republican agenda. 

We saw Germany Welcome Marriage Equality even when its highest government official said no, making it the 23rd nation to extend that right to same-sex couples. 

Are we in the United States saying welcome to the club? If so, maybe we need to tell them what kind of club they just joined.  Better yet, let's have Matt Baume inform the Germans what they will have to look forward to in the years to come.


It may not be that bad once Germany gets going.  One of the biggest differences is that a governmental vote occurred in Germany that will be giving the right to marry to all its citizens and there wasn't one here in the US. It was more a judicial decree that we LGBT Americans would have the same marriage rights as other human beings. It was legal and it is the law. But still some are backing that bus up since it was just 9 people that had a say and not others.

Thanks Matt for the "debrief" as always. It's frustrating to see nations moving forward while we have to painfully deal with ours moving backward.

h/t: Matt Baume



Germany will be forever way better than Texas.

Texas is nothing more than a desert wasteland, gun-totting, heat wave state.

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