Get Freaky: What Are the 10 Kinkiest Cities in the United States?

The word kinky doesn't mean kinking your hair, as Charlotte said in an episode of Sex and the City.  It also doesn't revolve around fetishes like having a thing for Crabtree & Evelyn that Stanford mocked Charlotte about in the same episode.

No, kink means letting your freak flag fly high and exploring whatever your BDSM and fetish fantasies to your hearts content, something that was just highlighted at MAL (Mr. Atlantic Leather) last weekend in Washington D.C. 

So what are the best cities in the country to not only explore your fetishes in the best way possible, but potentially find a partner or partners who enjoy the same kinks you do?

KinkD, the leading dating app for kinky people, recently released a list of top 10 US cities where it is easiest to find kinky partners.

As of Nov 2017, KinkD has grown to 423,177 members in the US alone. The company surveyed those users to determine the top US cities to find a kinky partner. Having nearly 15,000 members on KinkD, New York City easily nabbed the top spot, followed by Los Angeles (7,776 members) and Chicago (5,247 members), in second and third place respectively.

Turns out, kinkiness is spread all over the country, as the west and east coast got some love, as well as the dirty south with cities like Austin and Houston.  So if you are ever in need to exploring whatever fetish gets you off, hop on a plane and head to one of these naughty cities.

Here's the full list of the top 10 US cities: