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Girl Grinds On Guy And Gets Quite The Surprise...

What's a single gal to do?? You meet the man of your dreams and then this happens: Click here to see.

Post by Jay-r Nazareno.Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


(H/T: Antitwink)


That was priceless! LOL

Well, if she twerked him at gay pride, what is she going to expect?

i can even find the hyper link

i cant find the hyperlink

I loved the video and I kind of feel bad for her. At least she tried her luck, which is more than many could say. I would have liked this video to last longer in the beginning and in the end. It's still funny even after the 12th time. Way to go, party girl! Woohoooo! :D

Learn to follow instructions people! There is a HYPERLINK that clearly says "Click here to see" and we STILL have people saying there is no video! Click the hyperlink, it takes you to a Facebook page and then you can play the 11 second video.

Not to be mean, but why would a straight guy who looks like that want to dance with someone who looks like her, either?

Dressing like Madonna can only get you so far with gay men.


Fatty McFatfat got Burned!

That's hilarious. So unexpected. I kind of feel bad for her.

I dont get it... where is the funny part?

Hilarious.her face.

You can use this link to view the video.  It's well worth it!! :)

Thats great love the look on her face PRICELESS 

OH, DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!! buuuuuuurrrrrrnnn.... ouch, that just had to hurt! LOL!

that is to funny baby you dance with the big boys they might just turn and dance with there big boys!

no video is on this page that i can see.

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Click on the word "Post" where it says "Post by Jay-r Nazareno." and it will take you to the video. :-)

there was no video, just a photo

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