The Girls Of tATu Defiantly Hold Hands During Sochi Opening Ceremony Performance


The announcement that Russian pop duo tATu would perform at an Opening Ceremony kick-off event for the Sochi Winter Olympics raised eyebrows a few weeks back. The act, comprised of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, are perhaps best internationally known for their boundary-pushing homoerotic single "All The Things She Said" which took over gay radio waves around the globe in the early '00s. So then, in this new Russia where it's illegal to be gay in public, would the famously gay-friendly artists reformat their entire brand to perform under the new law?

Nope, not at all.

In a dazzling and defiant opening for the event, Lena and Yulia emerged hand-in-hand and refused to break the pose for the duration of the performance. 

The performance caused "TATU" to trend worldwide on Twitter for part of the day Friday. 

Another viral meme originating from Sochi's Opening Ceremony involves the fifth Olympic Ring's failure to open:

The Internet has erupted in laughter under the #SochiFails hashtag, with many joking that the anus-resembling mishap is a karmic slap for anti-gay bigotry. 





The Russian authorities are doing a great job kicking some filthy homosexual butt. All these homosexuals should be incarcerated. I wish we had a real man as our president too not a gay loving moron. Death to homosexuals. Amen

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