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GLAAD Calls Out Fox News' Tucker Carlson For Derogatory Gay Joke

Looks like Tucker Carlson could use some pointers from fellow Fox News' personality Shepard Smith!

At a book release party for GOProud poster girl Ann Coulter, Tucker attempted a jab at the openly gay founder of Media Matters, David Brock. Apparently, word on the street was that David planned to make an anti-Fox News commercial, which Tucker had just caught wind of at the gathering. 

“So embarrassing,” Carlson told TheBlaze Tuesday at the event, after the journalist informed him of the news. “It’s so embarrassing. Just sucking up– being a professional Hillary throne sniffer? It’s just, like, it’s pathetic. Worshipping her like Judy Garland? I just think it’s just awful.”

GLAAD isn't happy about the comment. 

While making a personal attack on someone with whom you disagree is generally bad manners, particularly when that person is not in the room, Tucker took it one step further by invoking a common gay stereotype—worshipping Judy Garland—when trying to tear down David, who identifies as openly gay.

Mocking someone's LGBT identity when trying to counter the person's political beliefs seems, at best, an ineffective debate strategy and, at worst, outright bigotry and an attempt to belittle one's opponent. Tucker's comment was made public just days after Fox News argued that anti-bullying initiatives silence conservative opinions on the LGBT community.

Should Tucker apologize for the comment?



GLAAD needs to get a sense of humor.  It was a joke.  Not a very funny one, but a joke.  

Tucker is still around?

First of all telling people to grow up is so judgmental it's just not a very smart thing to say, it almost means nothing. Second of all it's not what this man said, it's how he said it and where the comment was coming from. It was obviously not coming from a fun loving place of joking around. It was meant to let everyone around him know that he was not okay with the gays.

Could everyone just please grow up????

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