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'Glee' May Shift Story Entirely To New York City

Is Glee bidding Ohio goodbye and heading entirely to New York??

TVLine exclusively reports that it may be happening--and sooner than you think:

Fox’s groundbreaking musical — which for the past year-plus has been splitting its focus between New York and Lima, Ohio — may shift the action entirely to the City That Never Sleeps as early as this season, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.


If the Gotham-centric plan gets a green light, Glee is not expected to move its production to the East Coast — although more frequent on-location shoots would be likely. Additionally, producers would be faced with the difficult task of deciding which characters currently tied to Lima (and McKinley High) would join Rachel, Kurt and Santana in NYC.

Is this a good idea, Instincters? It would shift the attention to more of the original characters that the audience cares about. Would you miss any of the Glee newbies currently roaming the halls of McKinley High?

And what would this mean for Matthew Morrison's "Will Schuester" and Jane Lynch's "Sue Sylvester"??


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And please bring back the original stars like Mercedes, Mike and quinn!

Great news. They should've done that after season 3. Not many cares about the newbies in Mckinley, the original stars are the ones hardcore fans attached since day 1. The splitting storyline in season 4 is messy and annoying i was about to quit watching.

Please GLEE don't do that, just leave it the way it is, it's perfect. I love GLEE (the best show on TV) xoxo

I would hazard a guess that Sue and Shu get jobs at NYADA. Blaine, Arty, Trouty-mouth and Tina end up going to schools there and we lose the newbies. I cannot see how they can get them over in a way that is logical.

Who, knows...maybe all the cast will move to NY as they graduate and then start a production company, record company, music school, other ventures and adventures or combinations of them that could link them together in the Big Apple over time as the storyline develops.  

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