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'Glee' Star Harry Shum, Jr. Comes Out Of His Shell Through Interpretative Dance

We've complained about Glee's lack of Harry Shum, Jr. before, but the sexy star is front and center in this new interpretative dance video that he's choreographed as a message to those that are shy and "in their shell." (The video features voiceover from Ze Frank.)


Harry's compelling even with his clothes on!

But, you know, just for fun...


Image Source (H/T: The Backlot)


thanks for sharing this, inspiring stuff. 

Wow - beautiful :)


Amazing!!! Keep dancing :) 

Great piece.

Boring shit 

thank you for sharing Harry have a blessed 2014 and beyond!!!

I'd like to have those shoes!!!

Hi Harry, you are talented and very creative! More power!

thank you, harry.

Love this! So does he sell the painted piece from the interpretive performance?.....

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