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Glenn Beck Says He Doesn't Want Homophobes For Fans

Glenn Beck really talked the talk on Monday. Will he walk the walk?

Using Russian President Vladimir Putin as an example, the insanely popular commentator and TV host said there is no place for homophobes in his large fan base. 

Jeremy Hooper details the work ahead if Beck actually plans on that statement bearing any truth:

One of Glenn Beck's bosom buddies is David Barton, a man who has claimed that HIV/AIDS is God's punishment, says homosexuality should be regulated like cigarettes, says homosexuality will "kill the blessing" on our nation, and claims gays are flouting evolutionary law (Barton quote bank). Rabbi Daniel Lappin, who said gay men should've been quarantined during the AIDS crisis, is another regular Beck guest. Plus, Beck routinely brings on guests who fuel some of this nation's worst anti-gay animus.


Did you fucking read the article?

This shit stain needs to be taken off the air. Permanently! Fuck his free (hate) speech bullshit

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