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"God Loves Gays" Billboard Goes Up Near Westboro HQ!

The Westboro Clan not only has the Pride House directly across the street from their Topeka, Kansas headquarters to deal with, members of the hate group will now also come face to face with the "God Loves Gays" billboards that are popping up around town. 

The billboards are a response to the Westboro Baptist Church anti-gay hate group and courtesy of a satirical "God" page from Facebook that has raised more than $40,000 on Kickstarter for the project. 

Gay Star News has more:

‘God’s’ followers pledged the funds in just ten days, and ‘God’ now plans to buy more billboards with the message that ‘God loves gays’ in other parts of the United States if he can raise further funds. Supporters will be rewarded with bumper stickers, limited edition t-shirts and posters saying ‘God loves gay’ signed by ‘God’ himself. Around 1,200 people pledged to fund the campaign with donations of between $1 and $75 for the total package of rewards. God announced yesterday that he had booked the first billboard and that it will be erected in Topeka, Kansas on 8 September.


Would love to support this since there are still plenty of stupid people out there ... but I don't believe in God. Religious bullshit, if you ask me. If you are born in one country you are most likely to become a Christian, if you are born in another a Jew, in an other a Muslim, in another a Buddhist, etc. Learn to think for yourself should be the message, and teach people to love and respect others; education !!

I dont believe in a religion god but I do believe in  a higher love and good stuff so this god on fb is a representation of all good feelings and wishes that humanity can have! Very far from what all the religions teach

That was pretty bad. Who but the gay angels would have been holding Christ's hand while he walked with the lepers. He's like a cousin or something. How else do you explain the art and the beauty and the love? Haters and their Devil do............sports? Coming up with nothing else.

I hate this. It just validates that the "god" conversation is even a valid or legitimate issue. 

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