'God Loves Uganda' Director Reveals Harrowing Brush With Death At Hands Of Anti-Gay Mob

Everybody knows that Oscar has lots of power and sway in Hollywood. But the award's reach is much further than we had estimated, according to an account from the openly-gay director of God Loves Uganda, Roger Ross Williams. 

Williams, who became the first African American director to win an Oscar in the documentary shorts category in 2009 for Music By Prudence, says he was outed during his time in Uganda through an email sent to local evangelical leaders. 

“The email went to pastors who throw huge-anti gay rallies," Williams told The Wrap. "You can see one of them on YouTube holding up a Bible and saying, ‘This book says these people must be killed!’ We had filmed these pastors saying the government wasn’t moving fast enough, and they were going to form militia and go door-to-door to hunt down and kill the gays. I got called to a meeting of all these anti-gay pastors, and they surrounded me and pulled out this email. It was such a terrifying moment, and I thought, I’m dead. I thought I was a goner, but they said, ‘You know, you’ve won an Oscar, you’re high profile. So we’re going to cure you.’ They decided to pray for me instead, and there was a lot of laying hands and praying over me. So the Oscar saved my life.”

Unfortunately, many LGBT Ugandans don't have an Oscar to protect them from the endemic, American hate group-supported gay genocide occurring in the African nation.