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Going Viral: Adorable L.A. Couple Turns Marriage Proposal Into Street Party

L.A. boyfriends Lucas Bane and David Devora became fiancés on one magical night in late 2013 along with the help of an entire block and Step Up star Briana Evigan. Now the happily engaged couple is sharing their big moment with the world in a video that's quickly going viral. We soaked up the happy tears that fell during repeated viewings long enough to chat with the guys about the epic proposal (check out the interview below the video).

Instinct: How'd you come up with the proposal idea?

Lucas: Well, I'm a romantic and I love surprising David so I knew I wanted to do something big. My first idea was just to write, "will you marry me?" with Christmas lights. Then I thought about adding music and doing a little dance on the balcony. Little by little I just kept adding one idea on top of the other and every time I asked a friend a favor they delivered times ten, and it became a big production.

How'd you manage to keep this secret from David?

Lucas: It was so hard because David manages my finances. I had to change the password on my accounts because seeing Zales on my statement would've been a dead giveaway. I told him I bought a present and he wasn't allowed to see my accounts or it would ruin the surprise. He was satisfied with that. As for all the running around, I told him I was at work when a lot of the time I was planning, learning choreography, and rehearsing. 

Who are the incredible dancers?

Lucas: I lucked into this amazing group of dancers. I thought if I was lucky maybe I could find two go-go boys to dance around me while I did something cute and funny. I asked a friend who had a dance group and he sent me to Dexter Mayfield. I'd never even met Dexter but we chatted about what I wanted to do, picked the songs, and he did the choreography and found all the dancers. They are all pros and they all did this for free just because they are kind people who wanted to be apart of something they knew was really special. Briana is the one dancer who I knew personally and asked to be a part of the dance. She is the featured dancer at the end of the Timber number. She's an actress and star of Step-up 2 and upcoming Step-up 5, and she's been our friend for years so it was very special to have her be a part of this.  

What went through your mind the moment of the proposal?

Lucas: Terror. I was a wreck because there were SO many things that could have gone wrong, but through some miracle it all went off flawlessly.  I was so nervous I didn't realize that my collar was flipped up, that was not a fashion choice, but as soon as I was on the balcony my nerves disappeared and I was just feeling the gravity of the moment, and I could feel the energy from David and everyone watching and I knew they were right there with me. It was exhilarating. 

How/when did you guys meet?

David: I first saw Lucas in passing at the gym. We'd glance at each other, but never said hi. Eventually the stars aligned when I walked into acting class and there he was! I introduced myself and he was really shy. So I was really surprised a month later when I found a friend request in my inbox on Facebook. We planned a "friend date" and two weeks later we were inseparable. Lucas quickly became my new best friend, and we've been together ever since.  

Did you have any inkling at all that something was being planned?

David: I had NO idea. My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, so I wasn't even expecting a party. He took me to a nice dinner and we had a couple of drinks after. To me, that's a great birthday. However, when he blindfolded me after dinner and drinks, I knew something was up. I figured we were gonna meet a few friends for dessert. Little did I know my life was about to change!

What went through your mind when Lucas proposed?

David: I was in shock. I mean he had the freakin' street shut down, a police car blocking a lane of traffic, lights, music, and professional dancers. And then out popped our friend Briana Evigan, leading the pack. My first thought was that I was on a reality show. Seriously. It was such a beautiful production! I couldn't even gather my thoughts enough to make sense of it all. I had no idea all along that Lucas had been planning and working with a choreographer for weeks. I was overwhelmed with so much emotion, my heart filled to the brim with gratitude and love. Lukey looked like an angel up there. It was so surreal and heartfelt, definitely the most magical experience of my entire life!

For more of Lucas and David, check out their Instagram or Twitter accounts.



Your quoting nonsense

So beautiful!  It fills me with joy and happiness to see two people share so much love for each other!  I could only hope that one day I will have someone that will share their life with me as David and Lucas have promised each other.

To David and Lucas:  congratulations!  I hope you have a wonderful wedding and an even more wonderful life together!

Dylan, you are a repressed son of a bitch.  Why the fuck if you hate us so much are you on a gay website??  Looking at men and hating yourself?

Grow the fuck up.  You want to spout the bible, spout it properly or shut the fuck up.

Can I recommend you checking out the following website, I think it's right up your street:

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these comments are amusing me. its 2014, come out of the closet already. 

I am so sick and tired of the gay marriage, equal rights B/S. This article isn't about equality, it's about two gay men who, quite frankly I could not care less about. I am straight, I don't hate people if they happen to be homosexual but what I do hate right now is having my nose rubbed in it every day of my life. I am tired of it. I don't go around with a big banner shouting that I am heterosexual. You have the right to marry, go ahead if that's what you want. Welcome to the world of fighting, divorce and everything that goes with it. I am one of the lucky ones, I am happily married. All I am saying is get on with your lives and stop trying to Bogart the whole world. You are not that important.

First funny thing Tim.. you're on a gay magazine website. Don't care for the gays... click the x in the top of your browser and peace out. Second funny thing David and Lucas did not put this video out to "wave a big banner" shouting that they are gay. They actually put it on Facebook and Vimeo so that their friends and family who were there and those who couldn't make it could experience it (oh hey guess what I was there - I make several appearances - look for the straight girl crying in the back cause that's me). You may not give two shits about these two (and that's your right) but I do which is mine. See where this is going?

They are two of the nicest, most loving people I know. They aren't just lovers but best friends. Guess what? You and your straightness aren't that important either and you as a straight man have never had to fight for anything (right to marry, vote, have ownership of your body, etc. etc). No one cares for your opinion or mine. But the joy of where we live is that when amazing things happen - like an amazing guy who freaking loves the crap out of his significant other and decides to throw a party and film it and put it on facebook for his friends to see- it's alright and if people want to have an opinion about it and share it with others and all of a sudden it goes viral that's totally cool too. So all I'm saying is get off the gay website, shut your mouth, and bask in your straightness. I'll be over here partying with the gays at the most fabulous wedding ever and standing beside them while they wave their rainbow flags and we fight for equal rights for everyone.

No one made you click on the article.. At the end of the day it is clearly labeled that it is a marriage proposal, nothing to do with rights. If it's done right you'll find there are an equal amount of heterosexual marriage proposals out there that go on the internet too. It didn't go viral because they were gay. It went viral because of how much time and effort the guy put into his proposal.

Maybe don't read articles on a gay magazine then?

haha poor you and all your suffering. 

It must be horrible having your "nose" rubbed in something that you don't feel is you. Well, get use to it, that is how many of us have felt the majority of our lives. I feel sorry for you.....

This made me cry - so beautiful, I loved it! Congratulation to you both xx

I love it! Congratulation may you continue to love one another. 

To that idiot comment.... Bless you!

homosexuals have humanity the gift of aids. I hate homosexuals with a passion. Go to hell faggots

Isn't that another quote from your English Standard Version bible? (The most inauthentic and mistranslated version of the bible ever produced)

Yes, its Romans 12-going on 13?

Repeat after me: "Love one another."

GOOD DYLAN!  You're coming right along.  You'll have dropped your sinful hatred before you know it.  Jesus is weeping tears of joy knowing that people like me know there is hope for you.

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This gay hater should not be able to be called human being, he is worse than any decent person, he should be ashame, but will not say nothing bad, is like getting down to his sorry ass level, I do have manners and good education, he must be miserable with his life, poor soul!

"Dylan"? that's not the name you gave. You told me you loved being with a man but hide your sexuality from your wife/children and career. I traced your IP address from your post. Why would you make such cruel statements about gay love when WE have been meeting and having intense sex for over 6mos? I think you are taking your "cover up" too far. I'm appalled and done with such a hypocrite. DON'T CONTACT ME EVER AGAIN!

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But if your dog is gay it will have sex with another dog of the same gender.  Or are gay dogs all gross too?  How about gay budgies?  Gay monkeys?  Gay ants?  Gay...oh i could go on forever.  All i know is that God made every single person and creature - GAY AND STRAIGHT -  exactly the way he meant to.

Now repeat after me:  "God created everyone equal."  THAT's the way Dylan!  You're going to be all right, but you'll need to work on the hatred and judgments.  But I know you can do it.  I have faith in you Dylan.  You are still teachable and can learn to become the type of person God wants all of us to be: loving, caring, inclusive, thoughtful, respectful and kind.  You can do it!  I am counting on you.

hahah i find this hilarious. You are probably gay. Enjoy your life. hi haters. 


Jealous Much Dylan!!!


So wonderful!!! It gave me chills and even teared up it was so beautiful!!!! I wish you both many many wonderful years together!!!!

When I see the positive comments on here it just convinces me that there is good in this world and there are people who care about others. This is one of the nicest things another human can do to another. (Apart from a blow job). Offer their unconditional love to another. Regardless of sex, or race. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, this world will know peace" (Jimmy Hendrix).

As for the bigoted ignorant comments from "The anonymousness." I have one thing to say. So bare with me,

Catholic and other members of the clergy are responsible for sexual assaults on male, female, children,young men and adults, most of them have been covered up but thankfully the victims are coming forward "Thank God" LOL. (Google "Pope expelled clergy over covered up sex crimes").  How dare you judge anyone, ("He who is without sin must cast the first stone"). You are a hypocrite if you believe this.

I am to assume you are a virginal human, or your core values are very conveniently forgotten, as with all of your stupid infantile bullshit, grow up.

These two wonderful people Love each other, so will many other people, fall in love and live happy peaceful lives. What harm are they doing anyone. Why do you have this hatred for humanity and then blame the very book you worship. Please go and see a Doctor.

You cannot stop it, It happens naturally in nature. Oh and before you question "normal" If you have ever been in a plane and you think that's "normal," Please go and see a Doctor.

Your vile, hatred, and invidiousness comments will not deter Humans no matter what there culture or creed, I fell in love, I am in Love and I am happy. You obviously have a problem with that.

I reiterate, go and seek help. I personally wish that one day we can all live together without religion as it is detrimental to humanity. It isn't helped by brainwashed idiots thinking a comment like "Aids" will end the "abomination" that is a gay man/woman. You stupid un-educated bigot.

You believe In a pathetic imaginary world taken from a plagiarized Egyptian myth and badly translated by King James. It Contains nothing moral whatsoever. It twists and turns so many times I'm surprised it's not endorsed by Rubik.

Allow me to educate your ignorance. Aids is a result of the HIV virus and is transmitted sexually between ANYONE who has unprotected sex with another infected person. Just like syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia.  It is not caught by Just gay people, it is caught by ANYONE you moron.

When the person is infected, sometimes for many years without knowing it.  They will, out of necessity or a bad sexual experience, I.E. female prostitute, male prostitute, the next door neighbour, or whoever, will need blood testing and then monitoring.  They will then, after sometimes many years be placed on Retro Anti Viral Medication. As the virus depletes the bodies immune system, (T Cell) making the infected person more prone to infections. and subsequently develop (Acquired. Immune. Deficiency. Syndrome).

The retro viral drugs control the virus and that person can lead a normal life. The virus (as long as their lifestyle is sensible) can become "undetectable". This dose not mean the person is cured but it dose mean their life can be happy and safe. However they can develop, (just like you and me) unrelated illness, cancer or simply they die under a bus, (tomorrow is promised to no one).

 The Terrence Higgins Trust and many other charities around the world are seeking to find a cure. Not by ignorance and hatred like you but by science, research and a willingness to care for others.

I truly hope one day you will be smart enough to realize that what you believe in is total bollocks.

I can only wish for that.

To you two, I wish every happiness in your life. I'm a gay man who has a wonderful gay husband (convenient), in a civil partnership in the UK. Your story, as well as this rather long comment will be posted throughout the UK. We are all with you YA Sexy Monkeys. xx

HIV was first detected in filthy African homosexuals first . Go google mr queer

Dylan, Dylan, Dylan....did you REALLY Google "MR QUEER?"  So you are searching to learn more about sexuality.  That's okay, but calling anyone filthy for their sexual identity is just wrong.

Repeat after me: "Love one another."  THATS RIGHT!  Good Dylan!!!  You can change afterall.  I am going to keep reminding you to do your repetition homework, and before long, you'll not feel the need to hate anyone for their sexuality, and you will come to thank God for making both gay and straight identities for every person and creature in His animal kingdom.

I know you can change, and i'm going to support you in that, all that I can.  Well done Dylan.  The change is going to come.

Off your meds again dude?

I smell a closeted troll.

I'm a Human Biologist, and i may tell you now that HIV is a human virus not a homosexual virus okay, any living being can get it whether you're straight or gay!!!!! Ps HIV raters are higher in heterosexual couples because they don't use protection as much as homosexual people! 

So you're also racist and have anger issues, I would go see a Doctor.

grow up

Jude 7:

"and don't forget sodom and Gomorrah and their neighboring towns which were filled with immorality and every kind of sexual perversion and homosexuality. Those cities were destroyed by fire and serve as a warning  

The English Standard Version is well known to be the least accurate translation of the Bible...ever.

Try another version Dylan; you'll discover that homosexuality is not mentioned once in the New Testament.  Not once.

So repeat after me: "Homosexuality was never mentioned in the New Testament.'

GOOD DYLAN!  You are going to be just fine with a little work, but i know you are teachable and that deep down you are not happy when you are full of hatred.  God wants you to be happy too.  Just keep up repeating the above, and you are on your way to becoming the sensitive, loving, nonjudgmental person that God wants you to be.  You can do it. I have faith in you. 


Jude 1:7 has no mention of homosexuality..It states;

"In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and PERVERSION. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire".

Also, it is mentioned in the Bible that wrath is frowned upon by God and it is taught that it is important to love your neighbor.

On the contrary, I did see a couple out there with varied translation that mentioned homosexuality in the verse. The one I used a reference for the above quote is from the NEW international version. Meaning its more reliable with more educated scholars translating the old text.

Practice what you preach. Don't use religion as an excuse to hate.

Congrats to the happy couple though :D

sodom were filthy homosexuals like you gay moron

Sodom was a place mentioned in the OLD Testament.  Jesus came to change things by giving us the NEW Testament.  Homosexuality is not mentioned even once in the NT.

Repeat after me Dylan: "God is Love."

GOOD DYLAN!  You are catching on quickly.  I'm proud and have faith that if you keep repeating that "God is Love," that you will soon discover that sharing your hatred is EXACTLY the opposite of what God wants.  I know you can change Dylan.  Atta boy. 

This made me cry with happiness. I wish you both a long and very happy life. Happy endings do happen. :-) xxxxx

This will make you burn in hell too filthy queer supporter

Supporters of the gay community are not filthy.  They are living their lives the way God loving, respecting and caring about one another.

Repeat after me: "Jesus died for my sins."

THATS IT  DYLAN!  Good!  I know you can change.  There is still some time.  God doesn't want you to hurt people with hateful language.  You know that.  You are teachable.  If you keep repeating the things I tell you to, you will soon be well on your way to being the kind of guy God intended you to be.  I have hope for you.  You are my brother.  I love you.

Filthy nigga!

Neither of these words are going to help anything.  But you can learn to do better.  I know you can.  It will take some effort, but you can become a better person if you turn on the positive and reject your negativity.  It hurts others, but it also hurts you.  You can overcome.  I believe in you.

this is pure unadulterated each day to its fullest..

This is pure bullcrap. What do these filthy faggots get by licking each other's asshole. Homosexuals deserve to die and burn in hell. Madmen

Whatever you say, God still loves you.  And I do too.  But that is because I KNOW you can overcome your hatred and desire to hurt others.  God wants better from you, and He knows you can do better too.

Repeat after me: "God loves everyone...even me."  THAT GREAT Dylan!  Good for you.  You are making strides towards becoming someone who won't depend on spraying your anonymous hatred over the internet.  I KNOW you can change.  Just keep repeating that line above.  Good.  YOU CAN DO IT!  Go Dylan!!!

Clearly no one has ever properly licked your asshole, asshole.

So funny to read all the haters' comments here. An how they confidently just spew all their  biblical quotes and using them to demean lovely and nice couples, like Lucas and David, that are surrounded and supported by wonderful friends and family. 

As far as I know... the God that I know of LOVES ALL HIS CHILDREN - and this is totally somehow forgotten by the so-called "believers" who know nothing but curse people like David and Lucas. They all think that knowing and reciting biblical quotes make them a better person and will give them a better life after death. Why are we all concerned about life after death when there are so many wonderful deeds and things we need to attend while we are still living on earth. 

To David and Lucas: continue to spread your love. Your love is such an inspiration to all - black, white, brown, gay, straight, poor, rich, abled, differently abled, etc. 

Big Hugs.

so many haters!! 

I don't understand same sex relationships, but I don't hate anyone either because they love someone of the same sex....I think this was actually a beautiful story and I hope both the guys will be happy.  God Bless you both xx

wonderful all the best to you both!

leviticus 20:13

"if a man practices homosexuality, having sex with a man or with as with a woman, both men have committed a detesable act. they both must be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense"

Dylan, Dylan, Dylan,

You not only keep referring to the English Standard Version of the Bible which is accepted to be the worst translation EVER,  but you also depend on ancient ideas from the OLD Testament.  Jesus brought the  NT about to show us a new way, and homosexuality is not mentioned once in the NT....unless you're going to believe the ESV.

Repeat after me: "God created all people and all creatures - be they straight or gay."  GOOD Dylan!!!  YOU CAN do this!  Just keep on repeating that line, and before long you will be sharing the love that is buried inside of you.  I have faith in you bro.  You CAN be happy,, well adjusted and a meaningful contributor to stories like this one. It will likely take some time, but you can do it.  I know you can!

Dylan, or the fuck your name is, stop your anger against some one who happens to be happy, you don't know crap about the bible so stop your fake senseless preaching, apply it too yourself instead you idiot! God is love, not the crap you preach! Seek for help instead, you need it desperately, it's called psychology. You crazy scum

Man you are a fucking prick. Get a fucking life. You are exactly what is wrong with this world. Scum like you don't deserve such previous life. You preach the bible yet you're a hypocrite. Love thy neighbours. You are a pathetic sad individual with a clear lack of education

This poor Dylan guy sounds pathetic and miserable. While reading his posts can be a bit disturbing, they are also said and are a poor attempt to "drain" the positive energy of this article. Sounds like his life is lived out in the Sewer! Peace be with you Dylan, get some help. Be happy dude-

Thank u for ur invaluable input. Really appropriate. 

haha you cant preach religion and then also call names and judge others. Looks like you're gonna be in Hell with them then huh? LOL you're a scared little boy. 

Since when was being straight the only thing that guaranteed someone stay out of Hell? 

By the way, there is no Hell. 

I love this is posted. I mean how did one happen upon Instinct Magazine? Another closeted gay.

Also, pick a Testament to stick with. Religions replaced the Old with the New. If you were religious as you so appear you would have known this. Now go beat your wife because that's allowed in the Old.

*** FYI I do not condone any type of violence and was only referencing Old biblical passages

i saw this posted on facebook mr faggo and i had do something about it. i'm an antigay activist.

Dylan, Dylan, Dylan,

Poor angry soul.  That's not what God wants from you.  He made every man, woman and creature in a variety of ways.  There is homosexuality EVERYWHERE in the human and animal kingdom.  Perhaps before attacking humans you might try getting your activism going on against gay frogs, gay camels, gay butterflies, gay goats, gay mice, gay giraffes.....I could go on forever.

OR, alternately you could try repeating after me: "God is Love."  GOOD Dylan!!!   NOW you're catching on!  I KNOW you can change, and you know it too.  if you keep repeating that line above, you will soon be a happier, better adjusted, worthwhile person.  I have faith in you Dylan.  I love you and I am rooting for you to let Happy Dylan come out and participate in a useful way.  You can do it Dylan!  Yes you can!!!

Dylan, Dylan, Dylan,

Poor angry soul.  That's not what God wants from you.  He made every man, woman and creature in a variety of ways.  There is homosexuality EVERYWHERE in the human and animal kingdom.  Perhaps before attacking humans you might try getting your activism going on against gay frogs, gay camels, gay butterflies, gay goats, gay mice, gay giraffes.....I could go on forever.

OR, alternately you could try repeating after me: "God is Love."  GOOD Dylan!!!   NOW you're catching on!  I KNOW you can change, and you know it too.  if you keep repeating that line above, you will soon be a happier, better adjusted, worthwhile person.  I have faith in you Dylan.  I love you and I am rooting for you to let Happy Dylan come out and participate in a useful way.  You can do it Dylan!  Yes you can!!!

Who´s leviticus? Why you assume we all care about your imaginary friends?

...anyways why don´t you take Leviticus, Jesus, Mary and all your imaginary friends for a ride to heaven and stay there, like, right now would be good

yuck faggots. burn in hell both of you and all those who support you. amen

Did your mother give you that potty mouth?  Jesus is weeping over your hatred.

But there is good news!  YOU can change!!!

Repeat after me:"I can change, and become a nice guy.''  GOOD DYLAN!!!!  You are starting already.  I know you can do better.  You are teachable, and I know that you know that your hatred is hurting others, but its also hurting you.  You can become a useful, constructive force in the world.  Just keep repeating that line above, and before long, you'll wonder where Hater Dylan has gone!  I have hope for you.  I love you Dylan.  Keep doing the homework.

Grow up

haha nice MR Anonymous. Taking the name of a pathetic pussy school shooter! You must have a life! LOL!

You're just a fake phony scared dickless lunatic. 

Oh hush closet case. You were probably sucked off by your male cousin. I can only imagine where you must be from you trashy excuse for a person.

This has to be one if the most romantic proposals I have ever seen. Congratulations guys you are beautiful together 

Awesome for you guys ....many years of happiness

I think that is a beautiful thing and being a romantic guy myself it gives me ideas on how to plan my surprise. I am a total sucker for romance and that was the sweetest thing for you to do. I would have been in tears and speechless for once.

Sending you both blessings for a long and beautiful life together. May your private moments be as magical as your public ones!

Congratulations and there is no need for any nasty comments especailly the one saying AIDS!! this is very serious.

I wish you both the very best for the future it was amazing how u proposed  good luck lads xxxx

How beautifully amazing!!!!! I hope the 2 of you have a wonderful fun filled life <3


Dear Anonymous,

If you have AIDS, you need medical help!!!!

Do your homework and learn, Don't just post acronyms, you have no clue of it's true meaning.

Just because you think it's clever and big.

You are a Stupid Human.

I would seriously go to the doctor if I were you, "Anonymous". You probably also shouldn't be telling everyone you have it. I can only assume you got it from your also closeted brother or cousin.

I imagine the line of people that will have to stand behind you at the Pearly Gates.  They are going to be there a while.  While you explain how your life was spent spreading hell, hate and discontent.  Instead of being a happy, healthy, productive member of society.  Shame on you.

I love how you don't even have the balls to sign your real name.  Or even a nickname.  Anonymous is precious.  I assume that we can find you under the nearest rock.  Or inside the closest cave?

any need to be a prick if u hav nothin nice to say dont say anyfin at all ur a FUC**D UP HUMAN not all gays get aids you know.


That was the most beautiful thing I have ever saw.. Congrats on your proposal!!!!

i love this!

Beautiful Thing 

So why exactly is Tillman on this website?!!?!? Guys, I loved every second of it and wish you all the love in the world!

It's hard to make me cry but this certainly did it. I wish these two all the happiness life has to offer. 

Well i think i hurled on this one. Seriously, I don't understand the people who call this humane. Life full of diseases i suppose. Nasty, just pure disgraceful. Glad they are in California, where I'am from they couldn't walk the streets. Eat your heart out, or in their terms each others assholes.

Hey Truth, as much as you may enjoy spewing your hatred around, its only making you look and feel bad.  I know you can overcome that and move into the place that God wants you....

Repeat after me: "God is Love."  And again, and again...

I have faith that you can become the loving,caring, well-adjusted person that God wants you to be. You are still teachable, and capable of learning to do better.  Just keep repeating that line above, and in no time you will wonder where your hatred has disappeared to!  WTG!  You CAN do it!!!!!

Arsehole mate

Nor do we need to read your hateful messages! If you are so opposed to gays then why the hell are you on a gay magazines web site? I suggest you keep your hate to yourself and let these two boys be happy and enjoy their beautiful life together! 

we don't want you in California anyway.

^ My new hero! LOL

What a beautiful,thoughtful,loving thing to do to start a life together! It was hard to watch through the tears of happiness for you two.

Someday may the narrow minded, judging people that comdemn us finally realize that there is more to gay than sex there is TRUE LOVE. You two made a huge step in that direction...God Bless both of you and he will!

Cute!   It is definitely a miracle that a relationship between two boys in their 20's living in West Hollywood could last four years though. You don't see that very often here (Weho). Good for them!  My only concern about such a public display would be the embarrassment of breaking up three months later, but four years is a long time in the gay world.

No.  It's not.  My partner and I have been together for almost 17 years.  My friends Steve & Steve have been together 25.  I could go on and on and on.  Yes, being 20 and in a committed relationship is not the norm.  But that isn't exclusively a gay thing.  How many 20 year old singles make it to 4 years?  Taylor Swift has NEVER made it to one year.  So, please don't generalize.  We would appreciate it.  We deal with enough bullshit, on a day to day basis.  Without having extra bullshit piled on.

Actually unless you live here in West Hollywood as I do, or in or a gay-centric location such as Hillcrest (San Diego) or Castro (San Francisco) Chelsea (New York) you probably do not know what I am talking about.  It is not's common knowledge that MONOGAMOUS relationships are exceedingly difficult in gay-friendly environment.  Kudos to you for a long term relationship in Tennessee.  It's a little different there.  My comments are not negative...just reality.

Sending warm hugs kisses and huge congratulations from the uk. It dont matter what a relationship consists of may it be gender, race, age etc. There will be ppl in this world that dont agree.. hold your heads high and be happy to be happy! Oxox

You both are amazing, and yes this brought tears to my eyes from the beginning to the end. I am so very happy for the both of you. I am from Mississippi, and homosexuality is looked at as a abomination. I am 43 years old, and never have found a TRUE love of any kind of this magnitude. As well as I am happy and so thrilled for you, I am also so saddened that nothing like the love that you to share will never happen to me. I hope both of you cherish each other and love each other with everything that you have inside. It, does make me happy that at least there are other's in this world that can be happy and are able to express their love in this kind of way in front of God and everybody. Congratulations to the both of you, and may you have many, many, years of happiness together.


Makes me so want to find that person I can be so romantic with again. Treasure one another and create a loving life together.


We wish you both a lifetime of happiness.  You are OBVIOUSLY so in love.  I have zero doubt that you two will find a way to make each other's lives worth living.

My partner and I are planning our "Official" wedding to coincide with our 17th Anniversary.

Overwhelmed with emotion because of the intensity of the feelings observed in both men.  I have loved and have been in love.  Now on my bucket list is to have another be in love with me to the same degree I am with them, that would make being in love PERFECT. Congratulations to the couple.  Cherish this day and your commitment.  Let the winds of time draw you closer together not lead you apart.  Be well and be happy.


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