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Going Viral: Adorable L.A. Couple Turns Marriage Proposal Into Street Party

L.A. boyfriends Lucas Bane and David Devora became fiancés on one magical night in late 2013 along with the help of an entire block and Step Up star Briana Evigan. Now the happily engaged couple is sharing their big moment with the world in a video that's quickly going viral. We soaked up the happy tears that fell during repeated viewings long enough to chat with the guys about the epic proposal (check out the interview below the video).

Instinct: How'd you come up with the proposal idea?

Lucas: Well, I'm a romantic and I love surprising David so I knew I wanted to do something big. My first idea was just to write, "will you marry me?" with Christmas lights. Then I thought about adding music and doing a little dance on the balcony. Little by little I just kept adding one idea on top of the other and every time I asked a friend a favor they delivered times ten, and it became a big production.

How'd you manage to keep this secret from David?

Lucas: It was so hard because David manages my finances. I had to change the password on my accounts because seeing Zales on my statement would've been a dead giveaway. I told him I bought a present and he wasn't allowed to see my accounts or it would ruin the surprise. He was satisfied with that. As for all the running around, I told him I was at work when a lot of the time I was planning, learning choreography, and rehearsing. 

Who are the incredible dancers?

Lucas: I lucked into this amazing group of dancers. I thought if I was lucky maybe I could find two go-go boys to dance around me while I did something cute and funny. I asked a friend who had a dance group and he sent me to Dexter Mayfield. I'd never even met Dexter but we chatted about what I wanted to do, picked the songs, and he did the choreography and found all the dancers. They are all pros and they all did this for free just because they are kind people who wanted to be apart of something they knew was really special. Briana is the one dancer who I knew personally and asked to be a part of the dance. She is the featured dancer at the end of the Timber number. She's an actress and star of Step-up 2 and upcoming Step-up 5, and she's been our friend for years so it was very special to have her be a part of this.  

What went through your mind the moment of the proposal?

Lucas: Terror. I was a wreck because there were SO many things that could have gone wrong, but through some miracle it all went off flawlessly.  I was so nervous I didn't realize that my collar was flipped up, that was not a fashion choice, but as soon as I was on the balcony my nerves disappeared and I was just feeling the gravity of the moment, and I could feel the energy from David and everyone watching and I knew they were right there with me. It was exhilarating. 

How/when did you guys meet?

David: I first saw Lucas in passing at the gym. We'd glance at each other, but never said hi. Eventually the stars aligned when I walked into acting class and there he was! I introduced myself and he was really shy. So I was really surprised a month later when I found a friend request in my inbox on Facebook. We planned a "friend date" and two weeks later we were inseparable. Lucas quickly became my new best friend, and we've been together ever since.  

Did you have any inkling at all that something was being planned?

David: I had NO idea. My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, so I wasn't even expecting a party. He took me to a nice dinner and we had a couple of drinks after. To me, that's a great birthday. However, when he blindfolded me after dinner and drinks, I knew something was up. I figured we were gonna meet a few friends for dessert. Little did I know my life was about to change!

What went through your mind when Lucas proposed?

David: I was in shock. I mean he had the freakin' street shut down, a police car blocking a lane of traffic, lights, music, and professional dancers. And then out popped our friend Briana Evigan, leading the pack. My first thought was that I was on a reality show. Seriously. It was such a beautiful production! I couldn't even gather my thoughts enough to make sense of it all. I had no idea all along that Lucas had been planning and working with a choreographer for weeks. I was overwhelmed with so much emotion, my heart filled to the brim with gratitude and love. Lukey looked like an angel up there. It was so surreal and heartfelt, definitely the most magical experience of my entire life!

For more of Lucas and David, check out their Instagram or Twitter accounts.



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amazing way to celebrate a birthday, love and a great gift because they stay forever, congratulations to both.

What an AMAZING way to show you LOVE!  Congratulations to you BOTH!  <3

Sending my congratulations from Chicago!  Very inspiring and I hope you two have the best future possible together!!

Sending my congratulations from Chicago!  Very inspiring and I hope you two have the best future possible together!!


WoW   What a great and fun video. Yes I have to admit, it made me cry at the end too and I guess like Lucas, I never cry either. I wish you two the best and a successful and long life together.Lucas we are searching for the lead in a movie I am involved with, I think you may be a good fit for the part. Please get in touch with me. you can do that by asking instinct the email address connected with this message. Sorry but not about to post that here. 

I doubt Lucas or David is reading this.  You can find them on Vimeo or Instagram and pass them a message there.

Great find for your movie....being natural and real is opening doors for them. Very Cool. Keep me posted because I don't want to miss your movie.  This made me cry too.  See my post under Robert R.

thanks lets hope so. you can find me on fb and keep up with the movie info that way. thanks again for the nice comment. 


They are an inspiration!

Wow, brought tears to this man's eyes.  I wish you both an incredible journey together.

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im in tears that was so awsome you guys congrats and good luck

You both are so lucky to have each other. What a great way to purpose. I will remember this video forever. Much love to you both.


  Congrats gentlemen !    The great beginning to a great life together.  You have set the bar just a bit higher for the rest of us and that is GOOD !!!!

This video brought tears to my  eyes. You both are very lucky to have found each other.

So grateful I got to witness this first hand. One of the more beautiful demonstrations of love I've ever seen :)

Kleenex OMG a whole box for sure...this is WHAT LOVE IS ALL ABOUT!!!!
Another amazing Wedding proposal to watch. Congrats to the lovely couple..


Man that brought a river of tears to my eyes. Best of luck for the future Lucas and David, sending you both a lot of love from Down Under xx

Your right about the Kleenex !  What a wonderful event and many thanks for sharing this love that is destined for great things!  Congrats to the new couple and wishes for much happiness, health and prosperity ! 

this so fucking sweet!!!!!

Cheers to both of them!


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