Going Viral: Brothers' '80s Inspired Music Video The Best Wedding Toast Ever?

First, it was viral videos showing the entrances of wedding parties that set a high bar. Then, it was epic flash mob proposal videos. Now, the sacred ground of the Best Man's toast is the newest tradition of wedding culture that we all will have to live up to after YouTube has its way. 

"Our brother asked us to be his best men for his wedding," the brothers write on the Facebook page of their new/vintage '80s persona, Rufus Starlight. "We knew the hardest thing would be doing a traditional best man’s speech because we would cry too much. So instead, we made an 80’s music video, since it's the coolest decade by far and because Robin is an 80’s boy."



Talented and creative, no doubt. How would you feel about receiving this rather than a traditional toast after tying the knot?