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Going Viral: Dismissive Gays Hate Everything

Decades of being on the forefront of culture have really gone to our heads.

Dismissive gays are the first characters to appear in the new web series about people living in Hollywood, "Hollywoodland." What a hilarious start (and you must stay for the ending. It's worth it). And yes, that's Willam.




You homos never fail to live up to the stereotype. Truly boring.

This is soooo far fetched, as no guy as nice looking as he would dare to even be seen out with that ugly, old blonde THING!

This video is true to how most gays behave, as they are the most miserable people that exist.

Look at the young guy with the black sweater on, he already has big circles and bags under his eyes. This is a clear indication of a severe unhappy, miserable  lifestyle.

those could also just be symptoms of fatigue and your entire post a symptom of your ignorance and bigotry.  But its all just a guess, isn;t it.

Meh. I think these comments are more indicative of what bitter queens you homos are.

It's a joke Jualdi. Lighten up. 

And this is why the term "masc only" exists.

Wow this was a comedy sketch.  You folks are taking this waaaaay too seriously.  

Had to quit watching about about halfway through. I intensely dislike people act like that. Straight, gay, male, female ... doesn't matter. Can't stand 'em.

lol what bitches!! it!!

although I wasn't really offended by this video, I found it to be obnoxious. We have this type of person here in the South also, and the application of a charming southern accent by no means makes this attitude any more palatable. I also don't think that this stereotyping is good for our image socially.

Interesting. I guess this is a project for Joseph Baken to redeem himself? He didn't go away long enough. This video isn't funny...Neither is he...

Remember this?:

I am walking out on this video. The people in it are scary, and scary looking!

funny, but stereo typical gay. we get it, gays are bitchy queens. lol i guess



This is why I left Los Angeles, both straight and gay groups were like this.  Some of us are actually nice MEN.

I applaud people who can lightheartedly call out people in their circle. I thought this was funny and creative. 

I adore.

I couldn't finish this. Seriously though, I thought it was pretty funny. My only problem is that this sort of set is what is overportrayed to the greater culture as being "mainstream" gays. It would be like if  most portrayals of straight people were the various "real" housewives. It's not that these types don't exist, it's just that they're not the mainstream (or liked for that matter).

I have no room in my life for pretentious fags. I don't even find them funny. I guess for some gays "funny" is irrelative. Just not into it.

I wasn't offended by it but I didn't find it funny. I know people like this and I avoid them.

I loved this. And a lot of the people in this string are way too "high strung". It's comedy!!! We either are these people or we know someone like them. I'd sit and have a glass of wine, then walk 

LOL!  Looks like there's a bunch of pissy-ass queens who don't like having a mirror shoved in their faces.  Little too close to home, boys?


To: Michael Airington (the old one), Joseph Baken (the blank one), Willam Belli (the drag queen), and Justin Kelly (the mind washed one)…

Please do not ever show this display of such disrespect of gay men. We thank you from every corner of the world. Do me a favor and get that leaf out of your pool and drown in the process!

Thank you, Bennett

Ira fuckin idiot. 

How about u drown. If u don't like this shit then don't watch it and be a hater in the comments 

Obviously u are one of these types 

That was terrible... :p


Predictable, but the ending was funny.

Yay Willam! You hate the shit out of everything the script tells you to, girl <3

Apparently they all don't hate botox...

The best part is all the negative comments are all doing exactly what the video just showed. I'd put good money down to bet that the majority of negative comments are from gay males. I'm gay myself and think this is great entertainment. 

100% Agree!!! It was perfect. 

Yes I am a gay male and yes I think its dumb. I know some straight people who act this way as well. If it was funny and well written it would be another matter. But I don't think that it is. If you find it great entertainment that's swell. I didn't. To each his own.

I totally know queens like that but I also know women like that. And all of those are people that either have a lot of money or want to portray themselves as having a lot of money. I don't see it as much of a gay thing as much as it is a stank attitude thing. The thing that confuses me is are those guys supposed to be two couples? Because they are 4 fem Queens. I will never understand that. YUK.

Reminds me of the comment my dad used to make to me when I was growing up....Old money money shouts....People that truly have money and the upbringing and class that comes with it (with money that has been generational) don't need to show it off or brag about it.

Agreed, although i might amend it to "Class whispers, trash shouts"  Whether your money is old or new, if you're a snobby, obnoxious bitch we have no time for you.  It was effective as a satirical look at  a section of our population, gay and straight.

Dumb. Offensive. Not funny. Pointless.

Not funny....sad....painfully stereotypically portrayal....pathetic inaccurate of 99.99% of gay men/ many inaccurately see us....painfully offensive....just plain bad!!!

In'd walk out? :P


I  thought it was actually pretty funny..Because whether they're straight or gay, we ALL know   someone who acts like this! Especially if you've ever spent any time around people in the business!

Thanks for continuing the stereotype. .... sigh....I don't know anyone like this.

Can I get an Amen? Those two bitches should never be accepted by any bar, restaurant, etc!  So rude!


Not funny. I walked out.

Uh....that was really stupid

It's really not intended as a broad portrayal of gay men... it's a portrayal of a very certain type of person who lives in Hollywood.  These ones just happen to be gay because all of my friends who are willing to give up their Saturdays to be in my little video are gay men.

I'm gay, and loved it! Its unfortunately a little close to the bone, but that's what makes it funny!

I guess if there had actually been a joke I might have laughed. Just a sad portrayal of gay men.

Oh god, the only thing worse than a contrary mary is a mary that can't take a joke. I lolled.

I could not stay for the end. Could barely make it to the 1 minute mark. A really sad and honestly quite offensive portrayal of gay men.

If homophobic straight people had made this video, everyone would be angry and demanding an apology. Truly awful.

On point and many gay men today like these portrayed have boyfriends. Like what am I doing wrong I can't find a man.

You really thought that was funny?


You need to get out more.

Wow.   Really obnoxious portrayals of gay men.   Thanks.

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