Going Viral: Happy Heterosexual Pride Day!

As if this year's LGBT Pride Month wasn't challenging enough, it had to end with #heterosexualpride trending on Twitter. Thankfully, the folks at Seriously.TV helped us get over that bs with this hilarious video they shared over the holiday weekend that has since gone viral:



I live in liberal Massachusetts and I know being gay here is very different than North  Carolina or parts of Texas. For me, Pride is too commercialized, but we also have Carnival in P-town during the summer, so if I miss the edgy quality of Pride, I do have an alternative. 

Now I do know people who wonder why we have Pride at all, and why it is necessary, and some of these same folks may question MLK day and in one case, Labor Day, but I do not hear these people wonder why we do not have straight pride day, and quite frankly it's nonsense like this video that helps fuel the Trump campaign. Now am I exaggerating this a bit because I do not want Trump to win? Maybe, but this video is stupid.

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