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Going Viral: Old Spice Hunk Isaiah Mustafa And New 'Internetervention' Video Ads Are The Best Thing Ever


We really have to hand it to the marketing gurus at Old Spice. The brand, some would say, best known for grooming products for old men and that weird smelling deodorant that reminds you of your dad is the king of rebranding, mainly due to their hilarious viral ads featuring super hunk Isaiah Mustafa.

At it again, and in true Beyonce fashion, Old Spice has trumped itself with nine hilarious prank websites and subsequent 'Internetervention' videos sure to give you a good giggle.

Here's how it works... try to buy or find out more information on "squeezing your fat into muscle with the push up muscle shirt" or those "98% sterile leather bed sheets" you've been trying to get your hands on and out pops Mustafa doing what he does best: being ridiculously sexy and epically hilarious to the point you forget he's selling deodorant... or shave gel... or whatever the hell else Old Spice sells that you have no clue about or have ever bought. Yet.

Check out the prank websites and videos at the links below:


Well done, Old Spice! Well, done!

Weigh in, Instincters? Did the 'Internetervention' videos give you a chuckle? And better yet, does it or will it make you buy their products?

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