The 'Golden Girls' Cafe In NYC Is Now Open!

This takes comfort food to a new level!

A Golden Girls themed cafe is now open in New York City!

Michael J. LaRue, a close personal friend of Rue McClanahan (aka Blanche Elizabeth Hollingsworth Deveraux),  is owner of the Rue La Rue Café in Washington Heights.

Gothmaist spoke to LaRue about the restaurant's soft open:

LaRue, who was best friends with the late Blanche Devereaux-portrayer Rue McClanahan, says the new eatery is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., as a trial run of sorts. "It's just to give the staff a chance to practice," LaRue told Gothamist. "As soon as I'm confident we're ready, we'll set dinner hours as well." LaRue says that despite the clipped hours, "we were packed Saturday and Sunday," with patrons sampling recipes from McClanahan's personal collection as well as dishes Golden Girls fans may remember from the show (cheesecake!)

La Rue plans to adorn the restaurant with belongings and showbiz memorabilia he inherited from McClanahan after her passing in 2010.  

More from DNAInfo:

LaRue said Mark Bisch, McClanahan’s son, is a partner in the business venture, adding that because of his commitment to the project, the Walt Disney Company is allowing the café to manufacture its very own Golden Girls’ merchandise — “the only location in the world” — using images from the television show.

We know where we're going for our next slice of cheesecake!

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