Google Donates $1 Million To Help Preserve Stonewall Inn's Rich LGBT History

Google plans to make a generous $1 million dollar donation to help preserve the the rich LGBT history of the Stonewall Inn, where the Stonewall riots took place in 1969, giving way to the modern gay rights movement we know today.

From The New York Times:

On Sunday, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York announced a $1 million grant from, the internet giant’s philanthropic wing, to The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, to start a project preserving the oral histories and human experiences of the people who stood up and fought back during those tense days in 1969. The initiative is in conjunction with the National Park Foundation, which will create an educational curriculum for students and a digital platform intended to magnify the reach of the monument beyond the small triangle of parkland in the West Village.

“The purpose is to spread the word about the Stonewall uprising and the progress we have made as well as the distance we have to go,” Mr. Schumer said. “And it sends a great message to Washington, especially in these times: We celebrate our diversity and cherish it, we don’t shrink from it and we don’t fear it.”

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