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Google Hosts Fundraiser For Anti-Gay Senator Jim Inhofe

We're big fans of Google. The company's got a great record of support for the LGBT community and really where would any of us be without our faithful web browser (not to mention YouTube and Gmail). 

That's what makes the reveal that the company hosted a fundraiser on Thursday for virulently anti-gay Republican Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe that much more shocking (and saddening)!

What's going on, Google??!

Queerty laid out some of Inhofe's greatest affronts to the LGBT community,noting:

-He has said he doesn’t hire openly gay staffers “ ”due to the possibility of a conflict of agenda.”

-He has boasted that he is proud that “ in the recorded history of our family, we’ve never had a divorce or any kind of a homosexual relationship.”

-He was a loud opponent of repealing DADT and wondered whether straight soldiers would be willing to die for gay comrades if the policy fell.

-He wrote a letter to the Pentagon demanding an explanation as to why military personnel were allowed to wear their uniforms at a gay pride event.

-He’s been a big-booster of the antigay Family Research Council and was one of the signers of a letter condemning the Southern Poverty Law Center for designating it a hate group.


And it doesn't even stop there. AMERICAblog states "Inhofe is also connected to the creepy Republican fundamentalist group, The Family, that has been involved with promoting the most extreme anti-gay hate in places like Uganda."

C'mon Google, you're better than this. Your slogan is "Don't Be Evil." This guy's kind of evil!

So what's the rationale behind fundraising for this guy?