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GOP Lobbyist Drafts Bill To Ban Gay Players From NFL

Whack-job GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman of Washington lobbyist group, J M Burkman & Associates is preparing legislation that would ban gay athletes from joining the National Football League. 

This is in direct response to Michael Sam coming out as gay. 

The Hill reports:

”We are losing our decency as a nation,” Burkman said in a statement. "Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man. That’s a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country. What in the world has this nation come to?”

Burkman said he came up with the idea after college football star Michael Sam came out as gay a few weeks ago. If drafted, Sam would be the first openly gay player in the NFL.

“If the NFL has no morals and no values, then Congress must find values for it,” Burkman said.

Because clearly our legislators (and those that lobby them) have nothing better to do.

Oh, and FYI, Burkman's firm is no mere fringe group. According to The Hill Burkman signed 70 new clients last year, the most of any K Street firm. 


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This article in itself is interesting.   A lobbyist anticipates writing a bill....and that is a top story in a online magazine with a national following.   It shows how an UNELECTED body, that is in fact a special interest group, can throw it's weight around and be taken more seriously than voters in the US today.

Everyone needs to take note of this kind of legislation, and the press that it receives.   Where are the  JOBS?   What about INCOME INEQUALITY?     What about the vanishing MIDDLE CLASS?   Why does Congress pick up issues like this one and run with them, when there are so many more important things to concern our governing body??

Nope ..... This is going nowhere.  The NFL has anti-discrimination policies in place based on a variety of factors, including sexual orientation.   

what's wrong with you people, if we don't come out as a gay

man nobody will know, plus gay man don't care about heterosexual men....get a grip because maybe your son its a closet gay man

The Lobbyist changes the equation half way through the sentence and then asks you to view the situation through the eyes of a horrified mother. Really?

 "Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man. That’s a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country."

 The son being imagined as a child in a mothers eyes being forced to shower with a gay MAN.   Really?  This is very sloppy as the "son" and the "gay man" are more or less the same age, and adults and are both capable of making there own decisions.  Chances are that they no longer rely on their mothers for hygiene tips.

This is just a sloppy con job.  

Just when you think you have heard it all from these out of touch idiots in the GOP, along comes this knucklehead. Can we just ban hateful lobbyists? I'm astounded.

It makes more sense to ban lobbyist !!!


what the hell is he talking about mothers worrying about their grown ass son in a locker room that are able to defend themselves should be worried about especially if their men and confident in themselves another mans penis or ass would be the least thing on his mind I left the mother had and the dad have some suspect that their child is gay are they insecure with himselfthe senators and Congress that is

Was this really supposed to be one sentence? 

Ha! :)

what the hell is he talking about mothers worrying about their grown ass son in a locker room that are able to defend themselves should be worried about especially if their men and confident in themselves another mans penis or ass would be the least thing on his mind I left the mother had and the dad have some suspect that their child is gay are they insecure with himselfthe senators and Congress that is

While I agree that this is unnecessary and counterproductive I think insulting congress, saying they have better things to do(in the comments) is unnecessary here. The article says that a lobbyist is pushing this, this means that it has not even landed on the desk of a legislator yet, as well as Congress would never have the power to affect a private organization in this way. 

Exactly ... it is posturing. Politicians play out a game of appearances to appease and persuade the public all the time. It is the responsibility of each individual to actually do a wait, look, walk approach to what is being said. We learned this in grammer school. Maybe because for some of us it was so long ago we have forgotten it. 

this guy needs morals there gay guys every where who cares if gay and straight shower together its not catching get a life

Even gay men don't think about gay sex as much as these guys do. Personally, I think the real problem is that these bastions of morality are afraid they need a big smoke screen to hide behind lest people discover how much they like it themselves. 

Its so much more awkward to be a gay man forced to shower with a bunch of straight dudes. This guy is clueless

He's obviously demented. 


The GOP is obsessed with gay men..... Rather than focus on jobs, this is what they focus on...  unbelievable.

Let's be real,this bill will never see the light of day....he's a joke

Let's see what nut job member of Congress will be willing to introduce it.

It's an election year, and the Repugnant Republicans are once again searching for the most divisive issues rather than the most important ones.

Sadly, that is absolutely true!

All these ignorant self absorbed jackass' think that they're penis' are the greatest thing in the WHOLE world and everyone must want the one they own!! how stupid they are. In fact most of 'em are not very attractive until they get erect so relax everyone, unless you're walking around with an erection or you were blessed with a really unusually large one then EVRYONE is going to look even you're hetero friends so get over you're insecurity about you're ugly little limp penis and move on to something more serious like you're children's education

Seriously, do these people not have anything better to do than CRAP on people's heads just for the hell of it?  It's time to vote these malevolent narcissists out of office for good.

Yeah, like every lobbyist and legislator in this country is a morally upstanding person.

Or the NFL for that matter.

So we are back to "Dont Ask Dont Tell"?  Geez how pathetic some people are human beings. as long as it doesnt affect them they want to micromanage everyone else's life.

Since when do lobbyists draft legislation? I was under the impression that was what we elected congress to do... Not that they are doing such a bang up job but you get my drift! 

Actually, Mike, Lobbyists draft quite a bit of legislation since most legislators are too stupid to form a complete sentence let alone write one.

I am convinced that ALEC writes the majority of the legislation that the Republican Party introduces...and probably a large portion of the Democrats, also.    The two major parties are becoming more and more alike as time goes by.   The Republicans are getting farther and farther out there, but the Democrats are leaning more and more to the Right.   We need legislators that will bring back Glass-Stegall and business regulations.    

This is true... Sad, but true.. 

How much jurisdiction does Congress have over the NFL?

It's amazing, and to be honest, hilarious. This really is the civil rights issue of our time, and the fight is largely over. At least the tipping point of public opinion has been reached. People overwhelmingly realize how preposterous it is to discriminate against gays. And so, of necessity, the remaining holdouts get crazier and more outlandish, because sensible people are already beyond their reach, and the only appeal people like Jack Burkman has is to frothing-at-the-mouth zealots. (Many of whom are closet gays themselves with right-wing-extemism-induced guilt Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, etc etc...but that's another story)

who cares if someone is gay or straight? that's like us gay people saying let's ban straight people from living or taking showers with us or getting married. if the past this ban, then this county has gone to shit. When we were all going to school we didn't know who was gay or bisexual and we still shower like really men and woman so why should someone judge us because we are not like them and people hate gays. Hate to tell you but gays rule this world and you can't ever stop us ever!! So back off and go do something else like feeding America kids that don't have food or homeless woman and kids and men sleeping in the streets that are cold at night. Think before you act on this dumb ban. I hope you rot in hell and get fired and then maybe maybe you will see what us gay people go threw when you want to ban us from the world. 

"Morally Correct" Republicans never cease to amaze me!  

For some reason these bigots don't seem to understand that they have been showering in front of gay people all their lives since school gym to the one they go to work out at today as adults ... they also don't seem to realize that gay are there to do the same as they are... However the NFL are run as private companies and the congress can not have any control over who they employ... if they did we all have cause to be worried... 

This guy... if military men and women can deal with it, these guys can too.  They've been showering together for a long time already, same as our service men and women, nothing will change by knowing that someone is gay.  I tell you, our legislators should all become priests and nuns since that's what they are trying to force upon us, their religious views and their insecurities and immaturity.    

Misleading headline, why do you think you need to do that? 

Lobbyists are lobbyists, they are not GOP or DEM. They may lobby GOP's and Dems but they work for organizations not political parties.  Big difference, but you probably know that. 

It seems to me if these guys are talking MORALS for the NFL they should start with Michael Vick...Jesus.........all of those dogs had NO CHOICE,,,,,,,, If the football players want a blow job they can say yes or no.......... I assume the men are all over 18.... no?

Oh give me a fucking break.  Little Tommy or Harry has already been showering with gay's nothing new...These people really need to get a fucking life...

So, a str8 guy showers with a gay guy.  So what, man?  Sounds like you have some heavy insecurities and perhaps even some latent desires.  Or, perhaps your pud is just too small and you are afraid someone may see that weeny penis.  And, since it appears you have never showered with a group of men it also appears you are unaware of the fact men check each other out.  It's natural man.  You are unnatural.

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