GOP Politician Allegedly Caught Sexting Teen Boy, Now Accused Of Misusing Funds For Office Makeover

You may remember Mike Yenni, the married conservative Louisiana politician, who last year was reportedly implicated for sending "improper" texts to a young man.

Yenni shortly thereafter sat down for an interview with the local Fox affiliate, in which he would deny being gay.

And although the 40-year-old Jefferson Parish President would manage to avoid making headlines for several months, he just recently popped back up in the news, amid allegations that he misused funds to redecorate his office.

More form WWL-TV:

Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni quietly increased the budget for improvements in parish executive offices by more than 1600 percent last year, but he says he used only his own money to make his inner office look like George W. Bush’s Oval Office in the White House.

Yenni says the only furniture or items in his inner office on the 10th floor of the Joseph S. Yenni Building that the public paid for were three telephones. He said he used his personal money and personally picked out the furniture to make the room look like the Bush Oval Office, including special ordering a starburst rug nearly identical to the one Bush used. One notable difference about the two rugs: the seal in the middle.

Although Yenni would suggest that his office is far from lavish in its appointment, he's so far spent a reported $170,000 on upgrades, including sleeper sofas which cost $1,000 apiece, leather desk chairs which cost $2,000 each, as well as multiple custom-made $2,500 mahogany desks. 

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