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GOProud, Conservative Gay Organization, Announces 'Legal Closure'


Rest in peace (or pieces??), GOProud. The gay conservative organization has officially--or at least "legally"--closed its doors.

From The Edge New England

On Sunday, Andrew Markle reported on Bilerico that GOProud, the gay conservative Republican organization, would be shuttering after five years due to financial woes.

Markle wrote: "Finding it difficult to continue without securing more funding, GOProud will be shutting down immediately -- a homage to an era gone by. The shuttering is undoubtedly necessary as the organization’s full effectiveness has been tarnished."

Markle pointed to an interview with GOProud co-director Matthew Bechstein, who stated in an interview that the "brand is broken" and a rebrand is necessary.

Monday, GOProud responded to the Bilerico article in a statement posted on their website.

"The truth is, GOProud has had some preliminary discussions about rebranding. That is, changing our name. As with any organization -- when new challenges arise, we react with necessary adjustments." Said Matthew Bechstein, Executive Director of GOProud.  

"The fact is, in order to continue promoting the conservative principles upon which this organization was founded, change is needed. One of the changes under discussion is a switch to a different legal type of organization -- basic paperwork that requires dissolution and immediate subsequent reorganization. Technically, as some argue, this would be a legal "closure." But if it were to actually happen, it would only be momentary and certainly not the end of our organization. Rather, I would see it as progress -- making the necessary adjustments that allow us to fulfill our goals."

Both of GOProud's founders, Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron, resigned earlier this year, with co-founder Barron openly denouncing the organization's leadership for bowing down to anti-gay bigotry within the Republican party and the conservative movement--as displayed by the Conservative Political Action Conference's unwillingness to give GOProud a booth at its conference.

Barron said in February:

"Last night I resigned from the Board of GOProud, the organization that I co-founded back in April of 2009. I cannot in good conscience sit by and watch as the current leadership of the organization disingenuously pawns off an unconditional surrender to the forces of bigotry as some sort of ’compromise,’" Barron told BuzzFeed. "Nothing has changed in regards to GOProud and CPAC, GOProud does not have a booth, they are not a sponsor, they are not participating in any formal sense -- individual members can attend and that’s exactly the terms ACU dictated the previous few years." 

What do you think of the news of GOProud's legal closure, Instincters? Think we'll see it in a new form any time soon??


(H/T: Wicked Gay Blog)


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I remember seeing Jimmy and Chris on CNN some years back. The interviewer asked them pointblank how they were able to identify as a Republican given the extreme gay-hostile views of prominent GOP figures such as Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. They never answered the question.

To bad.. It was a nice contrast....providing a different point of view...not that I necessary agree ... But not the mainstream media....hopefully it will be back 


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