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Gorgeous Male Model Strips To Reveal His Disability

Jack Eyers, a personal trainer and fitness model, has thrown his muscle weight behind #StripForScope, a summer campaign that raises money for a U.K. organization helping people with disabilities. 

Eyers was born with a rare condition called Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency, which is responsible for the loss of his leg at age 16. He told the Mirror that he had no role models with disabilities to look up to -- something he's changing by helping the Scope organization out with their sexy summer clothing drive. 

“In the Scope ad I play a guy who takes a charity appeal a bit far. It was fun. The false leg has made me stronger,” Eyers said. “I’m determined to show disability needn’t stop you living a normal life.”

I’m actually now more self-conscious when I wear trousers than when I wear shorts. I’m always wearing shorts,” he added. “I want people to see it. It’s part of me. I show it off now.”



Jack Eyers .. What a man..

This world needs more people like him !

Not scared to strip in public for a good charity and help others.. !

Keep on going and good luck to you always..

I couldnt agree with you more, Liz.

This guy needs to keep that shit COVERED UP! FOR REAL!

There are enough ugly fucks in this world without being exposed to this worthless monster!

What you say says more about you than about him. When you say, "There are enough ugly fucks in this world," perhaps it comes from looking in the mirror too much. Ugliness begets ugliness. You need to find beauty in yourself before you can appreciate beauty in others.

To: the asshole who wrote the comment about he being a monster.

I can assure you that you wrote it because you are the one who is ugly and can't live your own worthless, ugly fuck life, and I quote your words. From what I see who ever you are...YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO KEEP YOUR SHIT COVERED UP! FOR REAL! Then again beauty exist in the eyes of the beholder, yours sure as hell are not the beholder.

And that's why he posted as Anonymous....he's also a coward!

In this society, being "very ugly" all by itself is a disability. Not to mention the psychological scarring that the disabled person must accumulate over the years, but especially during the time when everyone else is young and having fun. Mental illness, and low self esteem, are disabilities with severe consequences.

Awesome, wicked good, pisser fine piece of marketing. BTW to all the negative comments you all need to get over what ever it is that afflicted you! You're acting like victims, toxic to yourself.

Is it just me or is his prosthesis ill-fitting?  He shouldn't have to wobble like that.  Personally, I don't think we should characterize one another as "disabled."  And I certainly don't think they need to be inspirational for my benefit.  We can all be pretty amazing, interesting, and vibrant contributors to society just the way we are.  Is that what this advert is trying to say?   And yes, he's one handsome kid who obviously takes his modeling very seriously.  Yikes!  Can I have his dessert?  He definitely won't be eating it.

Wow jack your looking amazing. Enough respect to you for doing what you do. Hope your well xx

whatever fuck this guy the only reason hes on tv is cause hes got a pretty face and rockin bod...hes a good role model to look up to if youre disabled...but they are using him as a marketing and advertising engine to get u guys to buy magazines...shit if he didnt look like channing tatum he wouldnt be in there...and i'm pretty sure that even with that is still pretty good for that guy hes chisled...and has a pretty boy face...i'm sure he hasnt struggled like some of us

Wow, you sound like a bitter and twisted fool. 

Agree. I deal with "challenges" daily, being disabled myself. Just because he's got a positive outlook & isn't just sittin on his arse goin "boo how, poor me" don't hate him. Instead work on improving yourself & your outlook... That's what your really mad at anyways

he's "chisled" because he worked out, despite his disability. he wasn't BORN that way. he obviously has worked hard to get what he's got. you don't need to put him down for that.

I guarantee you that how good looking you are, does not dictate what Shit happens in your life... However those who are constantly thinking their glass is half empty are likely to miss out on the fun times compared to those who see their glass as half full...

Wow, sorry you're a fat ugly slob. Cause it sure sounds like you're jealous cause he's good looking with a rocking bod. You sound like a little bitch

You don't even know what this man has been through, I don't know how you can place a comment like you have about someone that you don't even know.

Im disabled and face issues all the time, what he is showing is that he may be disabled but he's no different fromanyone else

What's The Song?

Way to go!  You have the important parts (good attitude).  

Hmmmm. Not sure about this peeps. I think we're trying to commercialize people's disabilities? It's one thing to raise awareness but it's another to do this sort of thing. Just my opinion. -:(

So what they have given part of them selves to defend this country and if the only Job they can find is a modeling job then he'll more power to them pulse he is a handsome man and fit can't let it go to waist 

You read very well, don't cha sweetheart?

You read very well, don't cha sweetheart?

I read the article and watched the video and could not discern the disability.  I had to watch it again and focus on looking for it in order to see it.  This reminds me of how sometimes my gaze lingers too long on someone attractive.  Then I notice a look from someone that suggests what I'm doing is not appropriate.  Then I notice something besides attractiveness that social convention says should not be looked at too much.  Then I feel bad about what I've just done.

I do that all the time, too! People just don't believe I can't have seen something they did, and just assume I'm being rude... I'm not seeing the disability or the 'bad' part, just seeing the bits I like!

What is this stud's name

It's in the story.

I was so very impressed with his entire good looks that I actually forgot to read the article. His name appears there. But his gorgeous face and body momentarily made me unable to read

Omg this is hilarious! Kudos to Jack Eyers for not letting a disability get in his way AND using it for a great cause. Great job Scope!

P.S. - I was secretly confused at first on how any of this had to do with the mouthwash brand here in the states.

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