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Gorgeous Philly Meteorologist Gives First Interview Since Coming Out As Gay

The world fell in love with Philadelphia's resident hunk meteorologist Adam Joseph, his partner Karl and their newborn baby boy Jacob on Wednesday when the family came out to the world via Facebook. Though the birth of a newborn is normally time for privacy, Adam was moved by the outpouring of support he received after coming out as gay, so he took a few moments to talk at length about his story with Philly Mag.

"While I believe every person reading this article should respect others' privacy, I decided to share this personal moment for my son," Adam said. "I want my son to be proud of both his fathers. From the day he was born, I want him to understand that families come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In our eyes, as long as there is unconditional love for a child, it doesn't matter who that child looks up to or leans on.

"Was I hesitant? Maybe for one split second and then it passed," he added. "This is unconditional love and hope. I truly wish that every person wanting a family can feel this overwhelming happiness and joy."

He goes on to tell Philly Mag that he's always wanted kids. 

"Combined, [Karl and I] have 14 nieces and nephews, and thought No. 15 was overdue since the youngest niece is 8," Joseph said. "As for the timing, we both worked very hard to get to the place we are today. This is not an easy journey to go on, both emotionally and financially. Karl is the perfect partner and we've built an amazing foundation together to be able to start our family. We've had endless love and support from family and friends."

How did he feel when he first saw Jacob's face? 

"Relief. This has been a very long, emotional journey and today part of that journey ended while a new one has begun," Joseph said. "Tears instantly flowed when I first saw his face, even before he was placed in my arms. My dream of being a dad has become reality and so much more!"

Congrats to the beautiful family!


For the love of God, David Gately. This is an editorial publication. WTF is with all of you Nancy Drews and your total lack of ability to discern audience?

Gorgeous? Not that he isn't good-looking. But "gorgeous" is subjective and doesn't belong in a headline. It's too editorial and, in this case, shows the mags preference of what physical qualities out deems beautiful.

He is breathtaking. I want one for myself. A gorgeous meteorologist I mean, not a baby.

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