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'Gossip Girl' Stud Chace Crawford Heads To 'Glee'

Well! It's been too long since Gossip Girl stud Chace Crawford has graced our screens (even on mute)--and we're ready to welcome him back on Glee!

E! Online's Marc Malkin reports:

I can exclusively reveal that the former Gossip Girl star will appear on the 100th episode.

"I think he's going to be Dianna Agron's new love interest," Matthew Morrison told me last night at Audi's pre-Golden Globes party at Cecconi's in West Hollywood.

He added, "His name is Biff. He's kind of a Yalie degenerate." (No word if Crawford will sing during his appearance.)

And he's not the only star making an appearance on Glee's 100th ep! 

It was also revealed that Glee fan-favorite Gwyneth Paltrow will be returning as substitute teacher Holly Holiday.

We go back and forth on Gwyneth, but she's admittedly pretty awesome on Glee

Are you looking forward to seeing her and Chace??


Gwyneth can't sing! I don't know why people can't see that and think she's awesome. Her voice is terrible.

I also don't know why she was chosen the most beautiful woman coz when i see her face, just plain annoying. 

Oh, that's a good he is going to replace the beauty corry monteith

So this Chance is going to be on GLEE, hell yeah, he is cute and sexy, for whatever he is! he can act...but can he sing and dance and tell us MORE about him what will he be doing on GLEE and is it like GWYNETH, if so not interested, but will watch...since I LOVE the show...when do the NEW season start...GET GLEE HAPPY Y'ALL!

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